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3 Things You Can Shift in April, the Month of Power

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Welcome to April! This month is all about power. I encourage you to claim your own power, to feel your own power, to stand and live in your power. When you draw in your power, what does it fuel for you?

Your belly is your center of power, and in this week’s Sacred Sunday Meditation, we work with breathing into that seat of power. We drop the breath to the belly, pull in and squeeze up to clear out the vessel of the body. Give it a try: Sacred Sunday Meditation: Web of Love.

As we welcome April, we also welcome the echo of the new moon that brought change and new opportunities. This is a wonderful time to clear out your vessel, and make some shifts, so that you can push through the earth and come into bloom.

Shift Your Energy

The natural energy is shifting with the shift in seasons. Do you feel it? Feel the energy of the earth around you.

Do you feel the energy shifting in you?

This season is a wonderful time to clear your energy body. In April and May, I invite you to join in circle in a live Zoom gathering to clear your sacred chakras. Give yourself the gift of retreat each week to nourish body, mind, and soul. We’ll clear the chakras and balance and reset the nervous system. Join Sacred Circle with a chakra focus in April and May.

Make more space to feel the joy that’s in the field all the time. Do you welcome joy? Do you invite sacred play in? Do you allow effortlessness in? All of these are ways of shifting your energy.

Shift Your Horizons

This week’s Sacred Sunday has a backdrop of the Boston skyline. Even though this field is not far for me, it’s a different horizon than I have from home. What happens if you shift your horizons, even just a few minutes away? What changes if you change where you are? What do you look like with a new horizon? How do you show up?

It’s the beginning of a new week, a new month, a new astrological year. Take a minute to look to your horizon. What’s on the horizon this year, this month, this week?

Shift Your Intentions

As you shift your horizons, you shift your attention. Is it also time to shift your intentions?

Set an intention to bring your dreams forward. Notice what you let go of as you set your intention for a new season.

Breathe in sweetness and power. Pull in energy to fuel your intention.

Show up. Share light. Stand on the skyline of wonder. Be part of the skyline of wonder. Bring your beautiful power and energy to the world.

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