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Ceremonies connect us.  


Reconnection to all that is and honoring and celebrating changes brings us to new possibilities, abundance, and allows us to be in or return to alignment.holistic and comprehensive approach to guide the body, mind and spirit to wholeness  


The following are available and can be prescribed as a supportive part of light body healing and soul retrieval work, or separately, as indicated:

  • House/space/Land Clearings

  • Rite of the Womb contact me to host a healing circle.  Women called to connect and deepen their power to create

  • Weddings, Blessing-ways to celebrate Life nad Comnections 

  • Rituals to support major life transitions and rites of passage such as career changes, retirement, or divorce

  • Spiritual Counselling/Coaching

  • Mentoring

  • Full luminous body clearing and rites of final passage for those approaching and making the transition out of the physical body

  • Despacho ceremony, an ancient prayer ceremony that is the primary healing tool used among Andean shamans

  • Dying Consciously - bring reconciliation and healing both to the loved ones and to the person dying through this process

  • Transformational Fire Ceremony - follow me on Facebook for announcements- or request one on your behalf.

  • Creating personal altars.

Energy knows no boundaries and as a result sessions can be done on the telephone just as easily as if we are in person. To call for an in-person or telephone session, please phone the office at 617-549-0439. 
contact Julie to learn more or book a session

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