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Chakra Healing & Balancing Full Course 

Clear your Field of Old Imprints

Balance your Chakras

Restore and Update your Rainbow Body

  • ​Are you feeling rundown?

  • Does life overwhelm you?

  • Is creative energy out of reach?

  • Perhaps you are feeling burned-out in some area of your life?

You are invited to change all of that,

beginning today.

When your chakra's are will...

  • Trust that you are on the right path.
  • Have access to your creativity.  Create from Source; move out of surviving into thriving, be fueled by love instead of depleted by fear, anxiety, stress.
  • Receive love and connection to your power and purpose, with greater clarity
  • Nourish your soul, restore your focus & energy.

When was the last time you updated your energy body? 

your phone gets a reset at least monthly. 

You too deserve a reset.


Connect to magic and thrive anytime —own the entire onDemand course now, go at your own pace &

revisit these clearings and balancing any time, every season

  • Are you looking for greater Ease, Joy and Clarity in your life?

  • Do you have a longing for more, and you just can't seem to make it happen?

  • Have you tried many things to get things moving and you just feel stuck?

  • Are you seeking a different path or a way to expand your path?

We each have our own unique frequency; our own individual wisdom.  Life, trauma, karma, unhealed woundings, all create fluctuations in our energy body, and some of them are "bugs in the program" of our personal operating system.

Work with your chakras and upgrade your system

to achieve physical, emotional, and

spiritual/soul health and balance.

The Experience:
  • 9 individual modules - each with two spectacular journeys.
  • Life. Changing. Clearing obstacles to Love. 
  • Update your Luminous architecture - clear your field.
  • Infinite access - return to the journeys anytime for an update/upgrade/reset.
($498 value) -- ONLY $297.
This is what you have been looking for -
the energetic antidote to these times.
Step In to your potential. Clear your field.
Upgrade your Rainbow Body.
2020 Sedona and Grand Canyon - 186.jpeg

“the Chakra class is like going to a spa for the soul; you don't realize how much you need it until you've done it.  The weekly practice of grounding, energetically "re-organizing" and nourishment carries me through work, life, & family with ease..”

Anne S., potter, mother, purpose-seeker

What is a chakra any way?  
why do I care?


The Chakra Series has taken me deeper into
my life and I am clearer in my choices and
I feel so much better!

- Jenny Warner, iShine Bright, parenting coach

Chakra image
Screen Shot 2022-11-15 at 2.39.21 PM

What is the value in the Chakra Course?

  • 9 healing journeys, one/chakra​

  • 9 guided practices to upgrade and or restore balance to each chakra/energy center

  • Wisdom teachings to support the healing/upgrade of each center.

  • 9 healing "mantras" to support your upgraded energy centers.

  • Prepare your system for the season change, winter hibernation or summer bloom.

  • 18 journeys, wisdom teachings, healing/clearing/restoring.  YES!!

From a recent Participant/Hostess:

"I've been a therapist for thirty five years. During that time I've been to a zillion 

trainings and, at this point in my career, it takes a lot for a training or a trainer 

to impress me. It takes even more for me to invite someone into my community to 

offer a training for my closest friends and colleagues. Julie Hannon is magic. 

You'll want to attend every program she offers  ... and you'll want to share her. "  


        ~ Tricia Bennett, APA Board Certified Addiction and Trauma Therapist

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