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Have you been looking for a way to stay consistent with your practice?

SacredCircle Weekly Journeys are a consistent sacred-space to pause, to tap into the collective, to connect with mother earth, to hear the wisdom of your heart.



There doesn’t seem to be enough time for the sacred.


Or you feel disconnected from your intuition. 


Or you'd like to connect in a shamanically inclined community.


Even though you practice meditation, mindfulness,
or stillness, there’s still something missing.


Join Julie on-line weekly
for a mystical 60-minute experience.

HeartWise Weekly Journeys are designed to connect you to abundance, health, ease and love. Drop in and be held, rest, explore, and be nurtured.

Open to explorers in any stage of your journey, from beginning to advanced journeyers.

Julie has led thousands of people across the threshold from wherever they are into their potential.

Within moments, as sacred space is opened and you take your seat in the circle, your nervous system returns to balance and attunes to the peace and creation energy that is accessible to each of us at any time.

What if you could have that Sacred Retreat every week?

“I love marinating in all the mythic language, it lifts me right up! This is so grounding — and healing and playful all at once.”

— Anne Day, Visual Artist & Energy Healing Practitioner


Connect to magic and thrive anytime.

Everyone needs to access the quiet and calm center, yet often we skip it or find ourselves lonely in our practice.

This weekly gift of self-nourishment is your opportunity to focus, have a sacred "luncheon", and access magic.

Imagine if you could have all this from weekly sessions...

Trust that you are on the right path.

Connect with source to know and experience “what’s next.”

Receive love and connection from a community of like-hearted loving people.

Nourish your soul and restore your focus and energy.

Experience the place of living outside of time.

Showing up for yourself and your energy weekly, consistently soothes your nervous system. The practices tone your vagus nerve, giving your more access to your intuition and the divinely sourced energy of creativity that is your birthright.  When we have a regular date with our energy, and the quantum, the universe knows to show up for us too.

“Sometimes I feel a weight lifted, or something I feel really has shifted. These circles really help me step out of that and reconnect to my north star.”

- Amit Ray

“Circle is like going to a spa for the soul; you don't realize how much you need it until you've done it.  When I miss Circle, I feel the absence of the grounding, organizing, nourishment that carries me through.”

- Anne S., potter, mother, purpose-seeker

What happens in Sacred Circle?


Each circle includes 1 or 2 guided live journeys designed to Respond to “Now”, the moon, the seasons. Showing up to a live journey is very different than a recorded one. Be guided into new realms, have a tour guide in a meditative practice, explore new realms where you are already healed, powerful, wise, complete.


Opening to Sacred guidance, Julie tunes into the exact needs of the moment and creates an uplifting and healing transformative experience for all present.


Your INTUITION and your STRENGTH and CREATIVITY, expanding your capacity for abundance and magic.


Each week is a bit different. Sometimes there is sharing with the group. Often there is sharing with a partner — magically selected by Julie —  to experience a sacred witness. At the end, Julie creates a poem with words shared in the chat that beautifully weaves together a new energy.


You can change your patterns by naming them. With time to reflect in writing, or drawing, based on a prompt, you change your awareness and make a “new map” in your brain and your being.  Neurons that fire together wire together.  New pathways are opened and created.


The more you step into sacred space, the more you get to practice being held and supported in co-creation and experience weeks/months/lifetimes of healing in each HeartWise circle- as you step outside of linear time, into the energy of all that is.

“Thursday circle is the most important hour of my week.  I am so grateful to have this place to check-in and grow - exploring new maps and new possibilities.”

- J. (Artist, Grandmother, Federal Judge)

“For years I committed to exercise classes — from kickboxing to spinning to Pilates to Yoga. Julie leads a 60-minute circle every Thursday that is like a weekly exercise class, with the promise of strengthening your heart and soul.”

- Mia Moran, Mother and Entrepreneur

Plans for All Levels

Spirit shows up regularly when you show up regularly. Circle gives you access to a weekly sacred-space to pause, to tap into the collective, to connect with mother earth, to hear the wisdom of your heart. We gather the first 4 Thursdays of every month.



A Lunar Year

First four Thursdays of each month.

Integration support email with replay available after each class



Monthly Membership

First four Thursdays

Integration support email with replay available after each class

Cancel or pause your subscriptions anytime, and will not be billed for the following month



Single Class

Next Thursday

No recording available

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