Julie's gentle guidance helped me move to a new level of intuitive ability. My session was a delightful cleansing experience. I could literally feel the "stuck" energy leaving my body.  My heart lifted like a feather.

– Alice

My session with Julie was an enormous catalyst in moving me forward into a life. Significant strides were made in nearly every aspect of my life.  –  MChearts

Julie has a presence, a softness and genuine love to move energy between your heart and hers.  No matter the reason for the work, the healing begins when your heart has softened.    – HR executive

I always leave my sessions with Julie feeling clearer, more connected and with my energy flowing!  She is not only a highly skilled shaman but her deep listening and insightful intellect take her work to an even higher level of supporting inner peace & wellness.  Nina Manolson MA, LMT, CHHC

I experienced a very palpable and positive shift in my alignment after my session with Julie.  A problem that had been eating away at me for months was suddenly no longer an issue, replaced instead with great clarity and insight.  This wondrous result was achieved not so much by talking – although Julie is a very good listener  – but by being guided  to some deeper knowing within myself and the world.  It felt like coming home.    – Wendy O., Ed.D.,Harvard, Clinical psychologist

Julie does such honor to the sacred work of bringing peaceful understanding and honoring to one's "final passage."  What is most striking about this work is how relevant it is to living fully in the present, and extinguishing fear about the future. -K Bryant, MD Geriatrics

Julie's gentle guidance helped me moved onto a new level of intuitive ability.  It was a delightful cleansing experience all through my session with her...literally feeling the stuck energy leaving my body.  My heart lifted like a feather afterwards.  Thank you again, - Alice



Julie Hannon, Shaman, Peru
Julie Hannon, Shaman, Peru
Julie Hannon Shaman Peru
Julie Hannon Shaman Boston, MA

  I am a much better person than I was before finding this work.  I now live with a new level of Trust and after all this time (I am in my 60s) I have (finally) become an unbelievable father.  My grown daughter celebrates the change; I have greater access to love, I am open; the Medicine Wheel has been an amazing experience.  I will always be grateful for you Julie Hannon.                   –  R. Baron

Julie is an incredible Shaman and an exquisite teacher.​  

Alberto Villoldo, PhD, founder The Four Wins

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