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It's Time to Release and Stand in Your Own Bright Light

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

It’s the time of the full moon, the Wolf Moon. We breathe into the energy of the full moon, honoring the light of the sun. We honor Grandmother Moon, lit by Father Sun. We honor the place of the masculine bringing the light to the feminine.

The full moon is a time of energetic and emotional clearing.

It is a time to release pent up frustrations. What disappointments, regrets, or judgments do you want to let go of?

Sometimes these frustrations are obvious, and other times they are sneaky feelings about what has or has not happened.

Maybe 2022 isn’t off the start you had hoped for. Maybe you had intentions for 2021 that didn’t come to pass or didn’t come to pass the way you wanted them to.

Personally, I decided to take on a daily practice for 2022, and I began with the practice, and now it’s different than I thought it would be. So, I’m wondering, what was that commitment about, that idea of a particular way of practice every day? Getting curious is a way to see and release judgment, of your self, of others.

Looking at the judgements we put on others can help us see our self-judgments. Sometimes the way we think about others is really what we think about ourselves and don’t dare say.

I said this was an emotional or energetic clearing, and these disappointments and judgments are hidden in your body. Feel around as you breathe deep. Find where you tucked these disappointments and judgments. You can write them on paper or blow them into a stick, and place that in the fire to release.

We release at the full moon so that we can stand in the brightness of ourselves.

Put your hands on your belly, just beneath your rib cage. This is the place in your body that talks to us about our place on earth and our purpose here. This is the place of your true nature of your emotional center. What does it hold for you?

To answer these questions, start, as we so often do, with your breath. Invite in love, gratitude, awe, beauty, inspiration. Do some self-care that includes these feelings. Simply BE.

Then try these journaling prompts/ideas to guide you in and in:

  • What is important to you?

  • What do you value?

  • What do you love?

  • What do you love to do? Where do you love to be — and with whom?

Through breath and journaling, what have you discovered about what your real emotional center holds? Here at the full moon, release anything in the way of reaching into that center. Who we are, what our values are, what’s really important, all that is highlighted during this full moon. We release any debris that keeps us from radiating our inner light.

You're here on earth to live into your purpose and to share love and light in the world.

Take this time to clear the things in your way. You can use this meditation to bring breath and energy into this clearing practice: Sacred Sunday Meditation: Full Moon Fire. Enjoy the meditation for any FULL MOON.

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