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What Gaps Do You Need to Bridge?

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Did you know that one definition of a Shaman is that they are a bridge? a bridge between worlds, a bridge between energy and matter, a bridge from mind to heart?

Picture a bridge spanning two shores, connecting one place to another. Shamanic healing is about being a bridge between the world of energy and the world of matter/particles. Most people are more attuned to their physical self — even though we are more than 99% energy.

When your energy body is healthy and clear and open, it is as wide as your arm span all the way around you. Spread your arms wide, notice the distance from your left fingers to your right big are you?? Imagine — or notice — the expanse of your energy body. Soooo big!

This week’s Sacred Sunday meditation also serves as a bridge between our physical state and our energetic state. We get rooted and expand through intersections. I invite you to try it: Sacred Sunday Meditation: Rooting, Bridging, Congress.


I began this meditation by the trees on the shore. The root systems of the trees were stretched above ground in beautiful patterns that spread wide and deep, supporting the trees in spreading in beauty and light. We can be like the trees spreading our roots.

You can root through your sits bones if you are sitting or your feet if you are standing. You can send energy down into the earth like the trees through their roots. You can draw energy up from the earth and out through your branches or limbs.


Bridges are connectors, and there are so many ways to think about bridges in this practice. I’ve mentioned shamanic healing being a bridge between energy and matter. Your body is also a bridge, between the physical and the energetic.

You can allow your breath to be the bridge between inspiration and your life. We inhale. Inhalation is to be inspired, to be full inspiritos, to be full of spirit. We exhale and give away that which no longer serves.


When I say congress, do you think politics? We do of course have Congress as part of our political system here in the United States where I am, but the word congress means to come together. It’s a meeting of delegates, the action of coming together, and a formal meeting of delegates to act on some question.

Who are your delegates? Who have you delegated your authority to? Do you come together with your own delegates? Do you bring all of your wisdom to bear around the table of your life? Where have you given away your power?

Let’s call back your power. Let’s draw it in from wherever you left it. Breathe in energy and call back your power. Breathe out and clear away anything in the way of your power. Let your breath be the bridge.

It’s time to listen to the delegates of your own personal congress. Listen to your wisdom keepers and advisors.

If you want to come together with others in sacred time, Sacred Circle is a place of congress, to access your quiet and calm center and share love and connection in community.

If you would like more bridges for yourself or places to root, you’ll find other Sacred Sunday meditations. These guided practices bridge the gap to connect our heart to our wisdom.

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