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FREE Guided Heart-Focused Intention PRACTICE

Connect to your heart’s wisdom and bring your dreams into reality.

Spend 15 minutes a day for 3 days listening to a guided meditation practice, and experience more joy, creativity, inner peace, ease, and patience.


Create your practice. Now is the perfect time.

You will love this simple tool of a guided practice with Julie, if you:

Have tried quiet meditation and find it frustrating to sit in silence

Have something big you are working on and you need a catalyst for change

You are stuck, have tried everything, and need support to shift

Want to finally be consistent with your practice, so that magic shows up consistently

Are looking to amplify the results of your practice


There are so many meditation apps...

Why start with this guided practice?

Julie Hannon has been practicing for over 30 years and has led journeys for thousands of extraordinary people around the world.

Accessing the heart takes you out of your thoughts and connects you to your intuition and you become a magnet for joy, abundance, or what you most want.

It is a simple practice designed to unlock your potential. Sometimes we make it too complicated...

Meet Julie.

As a shaman and a teacher, I am committed to helping you discover your self, your joy, and the beauty in life. I am passionate about connecting with people and helping each and every one discover their own special strengths and gifts. This practice is the doorway on the first step your journey.

As a shamanic practitioner, I have been blessed to have had many exceptional teachers, and to walk the path of teaching and healing most of my life. I have been initiated in the healing traditions of the Andes, trained by the Q’ero lineage in Peru, mentored directly by Alberto Villoldo and Jorge Luis Delgado, and Joan Parisi Wilcox. The Q’ero are the Earth Keepers, the Wisdom Keepers of South America and Andean Mysticism.

I weave all my experiences together to create magic. I combine my expertise as an energy medicine practitioner and student of spiritual wisdom traditions with more than twenty years of professional experience as a human resources director, where I worked with executives, teams, organizations, and individuals, leading them on a journey of discovery and successful transformations. Throughout my work, I have been a professional facilitator and teacher, moderating, leading groups and creating programs and retreats. I am a HeartMath coach mentor and have completed 300hr yoga teacher training.

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