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Spring 2025/2026
Julie Hannon,
Jorge Luis Delgado,
and Q'ero Shaman friends

Sacred Valley& Lake Titicaca
Recharge your Life 
Deepen & Realign with Spirit

Group Size: 12-20 people  

$1080 non-refundable deposit required to reserve your place

I am so excited to be returning to the Sacred Valley-- and bringing together like-hearted spiritual explorers.  Our trip will include exploration of sacred sites --and hidden beauty found in off-the-path places and connections/healing ceremonies with local shaman friends.  Exploring the transformative energies of the power places and wisdom, we begin our journey in sacred round temples in the Valley, before heading to Machu Picchu,  and then returning to explore more deeply in the Sacred Valley of the Cusco region.  


Days will include the sacred sites and villages -- Moray, Chinchero, Pisaq, and Ollyantaytumbo -- and the train through the Valley to the cloud "city" of Machu Picchu. sunrise ceremonies in Machu Picchu and a walk out to little known hot spring pool outside Aquas Caliente.  Our last four days in the Valley will include walks and journeys into mystical ancient temples in of pumas, sun & moon, and sacred water energy, and power places in Cusco.

  • Receive transmissions that update us for this very sacred time on Earth.

  • Connect to the energy of sacred sites and explore the medicine of the Andes

  • Visit sacred places and share ceremonies and journeys that facilitate a deep connection with Love.

  • Sit in ceremony with Andean Shaman - making offerings - creating mandalas/despachos/haywairikuis for healing and manifestation during this important portal.

Our valley home base will be in Urumbamba -- and the abundance of nature and delicious foods and breakfast buffets.

Lake Titicaca - with Julie & Jorge Luis Delgado on the High Plateau
Continue the Magic ascending to the Sea at the top of the World 

It is here at the Lake that the Sun and the Moon gave birth to the first Inca and Coya, who emerged from Lake Titicaca and journeyed north to the valley of Cusco to found the Empire of the Sun. It is also in Lake Titicaca that the conquistadors established an important shrine to the Virgin of rebirth and new life.

Our journey will have as its focus our own emergence as we do ceremonies and meditations  Join us as we move from the valley to the highest navigable lake in the world --- Lake Titicaca.  Throughout our Lake Titicaca expedition we will be surrounded by the beauty of islands that are virtually undisturbed since Inka times.

During our Lake visit, we spend the night at villager’s homes and enjoy the unique opportunity to experience the purity and joy of their traditional life – completely removed from modern-day intrusions.

During this special LAKE expedition for mesa carriers and spiritual explorers, we will:

  • Visit the ancient towers of Sillustani in the middle of the river of consciousness.

  • Connect to the keepers of the Lake - Spend a night on an island and feel the depths of the sacred all around.

  • Visit the floating reed islands of the Uru peoples - Dreaming ceremony on the lake.

  • Step into our becoming at Amaru Muru, the gateway known as the Andean Stargate.

This is the Peru journey you have been waiting for!  
Connect to the pure Love of the Sacred Valley and the Sea on Top of the World.

Peru Pilgrimage

in the Sacred Valley -- with a Lake Titicaca Extension

Birthplace of the Children of the Sun

Spring 2025 or 2026

  • Archeology meeting the Sacred: visits to Ollyantaytumbo, Pisac., Chinchero, Moray, and more .

  • Excursion to sacred hot springs and Machu Pichhu temple

  • combining Explorations of sacred sites with Ceremonies & Celebrations for the Earth and her Elements

  • Sacred Feminine ceremony in the Temple of the Moon with Nustas Shaman (women healers), planting seeds of our intentions to grow and heal 

  • More MAGIC than you can IMAGINE!


Being on this Sacred land, sitting in these ancient places, there are no words to describe the magic.  And the people called to join this trip - add a whole layer of connection and unexpected 


“Lake Titicaca is a trip of a lifetime.  Heading out I had no idea what to expect.  I was immersed in a new eye opening and soul expanding world that blew away any expectations I may have had.  This trip just hits you at every level, physically and spiritually.  The beauty of the Lake and the people is only surpassed by the spiritual significance.  You simply must visit Lake Titicaca once in a lifetime and I can imagine no better way to experience it than with Julie.” 

~Monique, CCO, investment firm

"I felt connected to the medicine when I arrived and received a deepening, widening and enriching of the shamans web.... so good to be with soul sisters and brothers and grounded on the earth."
- Susan

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