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Shaman Circle
Shamanic Healing



A holistic and comprehensive approach to guide the body, mind and spirit to wholeness  
Your task is not to seek for love,
but merely to seek and find 
all the barriers within yourself
that you have built against it.
                                                          ~ Rumi

Shamanic energy healing  can support you in creating a cleared vision of your life, where you will be able to see and act on your opportunities from a healed place within yourself, from a place of joy and peace! 


Working in-person or remotely, Julie uses both ancient and contemporary healing tools to facilitate clearing, rebalancing/ resetting your energy, creating and restoring health allowing you to realize your dreams.

All services can be shared at a distance (phone or internet) or in-person in my Arlington, MA office. While a single session can create powerful shifts in one’s life, we generally recommend 3-4 sessions to create significant and lasting results; sessions are typically 60-90 minutes.   These healing sessions provide deep personal transformation. This is a process that relies on inner resources, on the innate instincts of the body to find health and maintain wellness.


Shamanic Healing Work

Shamanic healing addresses a diverse set of issues which you may be working with, or repeating themes in your life that keep showing up and do not serve you, because many of these issues and patterns have energetic components which need healing in order to overcome.


You decide what issues you want to work on - physical, emotional, relationship, energetic - and Julie takes you to the root of the issue, working with you to heal physical and emotional wounds from the foundation up, so that you can heal deeply and feel freedom and ease in your body, mind, heart and life.


Using powerful techniques and a focused, intuitive, loving presence that sees you capable of healing all that appears in your world, Julie weaves the effects of the energy medicine healing efficiently, achieving in a few sessions what could take years with other therapeutic techniques. 

Energy knows no boundaries and as a result sessions can be done on the telephone just as easily as if we are in person. To arrange for an in-person or telephone session, contact Julie at 617-549-0439 or via email below.


contact Julie to learn more or book a session

No one will be turned away solely based on their financial means. If you are feeling called to this work, please contact Julie with your situation.

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