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What Will You Spread On Your White Canvas?

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

It’s January and it’s timeless in this space of the white canvas. The white canvas is an opportunity, an invitation to paint, to bring words or art or love into the world. What will you put on your white canvas?

Last week, nature presented a white canvas of fog for us to set our new intentions. This week, we have a white canvas of snow. Whether it’s nature or time or simply the view you bring to things, enjoy your white canvas and make it your own.

What do you want to bring to that canvas? What will you spread on it like snow or frosting or butter or thick white cheese? Do you look for the possibility of the pure white?

Here’s a thought: Allow yourself to fill that empty canvas with love.

That blank canvas that is you. Your day. Your soul. Your heart. Will you choose to fill it with love? Stand back and look at your canvas, like you would a painting in a museum, will you see the love?

Look at your canvas, at this morning, and your life, and yourself. What have you painted there? The good news is you can fill it however you like — and if you don’t like it you can change it. Is there fear on your canvas? Most of us have gotten very familiar with fear in the last two years. How do we love the fear?

Love is to fear as light is too dark. When you bring light to dark the darkness goes away. It is the same when you bring love to fear.

Is there fear on your canvas? Add some love. Anything you don’t love, delete. Cover with fresh white. Transform into something new. This blank canvas is yours, and even as it fills in, you are the artist.

So don’t hold back or worry how to start. Bring connection, compassion, gratitude, and love and dive into that blank canvas. Expand that energy across the blank canvas of your day, your life. Scatter glitter and confetti. Spread words like little treasures. Rub the paint with your fingers. Delight in the color and texture. Bring joy, attention, and love. Create, step back, and admire.

Start here, with 20 minutes of meditation to help you bring love to the blank canvas of your life: Sacred Sunday Meditation: Fill Your Blank Canvas with Love

And if you want to make a plan for your 2022 canvas, and have support this year in doing so -- Join me for a year for FLOW planning and support -- and there is a recorded call with an opening journey with me -- to get the ball rolling when you sign up for your Best Year here.

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