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What Does It Look Like to Cut the Cord — and Anchor Yourself to the Sacred?

Shamans cut cords. To the past, to hungry ghosts, to those we've carried longer than services us.

Let’s cut cords today. Set you free, and not adrift. We’re going to cut cords you don’t need and anchor yourself so fully that a river can flow around you, and you be still in your glory.

Begin by standing tall in the light. Stand in your own magnificence. Stand in the fullness of who you are.

Then begin to feel around, find the things that are connected to you, and not yours: old habits, other people’s ideas, other people’s needs, your own outdated expectations.

Some of these have been passed on from generation to generation. Some of things are things we picked up willingly on our own out of the goodness of our hearts. Some are things we hold onto for support, protection, security, or guidance. Some are like leashes we hold. Others have a hold on us. When these cords are not ours to hold, we can cut the cords, release them.

For the full meditation that guides you to cut the cord/s as well as anchor yourself, try this Sacred Sunday meditation.

Here’s how we release.

  • Say the mantra: I release everything that’s not mine.

  • Say it aloud. Exhale and say it in your mind. Repeat. I release everything that’s not mine.

  • Take three breaths. As you do, say, I release you to your own destiny. Make a gentle cutting motion with your hands as you do this.

  • Then feel the beauty of possibility, the beauty of spinning freely, uncorded and untied. Breathe in beauty. Breathe in possibility.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate; our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It's our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.”

—Marianne Williamson.

Sometimes the light feels like too much, so we stand in the shade of a tree or welcome a cloud going by. Still your bright light shines. How do you shimmer in the light? How does it feel to have uncorded or untied?

Grounding and Gratitude

Picture a river flowing. Picture whatever you released flowing away with the water.

Picture a bridge in the river, strong concrete pillars rising from the depths into the sunlight. You can anchor yourself like those pillars. Send your energy down, down, down into the depths. Anchor yourself. Feel yourself standing tall and firm. Let the water flow around you.

Drop into the river a different way. Notice the still water. Drop yourself in, send out ripples of love.

And then drop into gratitude.

I’m grateful for resilience and flexibility.

I’m grateful for ease and showing up.

I’m grateful for sunlight and clear, still waters that remind me how to find my own stillness. I’m grateful for my own possibilities.

I’m grateful for the moon in the morning and for seeing a pelican today and for the way that seeing that pelican made me think of my dad.

What are you grateful for today?

How can you bring the stillness of the water, the solidity of the bridge, the light of the sun, and the lightness of release into the rest of your day?

What would it feel like to have a sacred practice? Practice makes Progress.

You can show up for Sacred Sunday every week, and if you find yourself longing for more, Sacred Circle provides weekly connection to the sacred, to yourself, to community. Come join the magic. Come join the circle.

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