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Enter the Fertile Void of the New Moon and New Year to Set Your Intentions

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

What if nothing is real? What if nothing has meaning?

Most of us crave meaning. We create meaning … meaning for everything around us. We create and tell stories about why things are the way they are, how we feel, how others feel or why they do what they do. And things only have the meaning that we give them.

What meaning do you choose to bring to your life today? To your breath? What are you going to upload or download into your heart as you start your day? You get to choose this today and every day.

Set an intention to bring yourself back to your heart, open to love, share love, propagate love.

We’re in the time of the new moon as we enter the new year. The new moon is a fertile void, a blank canvas. It’s a time when we we are supported by the moon and the stars in energizing our intentions.

Imagine a beautiful white canvas. Bring your creation energy to it. What would you write on your blank canvas? What would you paint or draw? What is your heartfelt wish? Can you turn it into an intention?

A lot of people talk about resolutions and goals this time of year, but right here, right now, we’re not talking about goals or resolutions. We’re talking about intentions. An intention is where you see yourself in a month or six months or a year.

Start with your intention. It might be a word — a word for a season or a word for the year. Plant the seeds. Tend those seeds planted in the dark, fertile void. See what germinates, sprouts, grows. Keep tending them through this month, the next few months, this year.

Let your intention guide you when you set goals. From your intention choose the action steps that help you get to the place you see yourself in a month or six months or a year. Breathe into your intention. Breathe into the now. Breathe into the space you create. Bring resolve to your intention. The resolve, the resolution, is having the discipline to show up.

Will you show up for yourself each Sunday to open to love?

Will you resolve to make space for yourself?

Start here, with 20 minutes of meditation to help you open to love, to the blank canvas of your life, and set intentions for coming season or year: Sacred Sunday Meditation: New Moon, New Year, New Intention

What has shifted for you? What is your intention?

and here is a special opportunity - to join communities where I am a partner -- to get support in your intentions -- with PLANNING or with how you FEED Yourself -- these communities are starting in January.

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