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Why We Enter the Darkness of New Beginnings — Full Moon & Butterfly Energy

We just celebrated the full moon, a super moon, even. This full moon bookmarks the energy of the new moon, which brought really powerful and unexpected change.

Endings and beginnings. Transitions and metamorphosis. Darkness and light.

Did you set an intention at the new moon? Whatever you set into motion in the last few weeks has tremendous energy and momentum. Now it is time to shed fear and grief, loss and anger. If you didn’t set an intention at the new moon, set one now for what you want to create.

Let’s tune into that energy of the dark moon by breathing into the darkness of your own being. Go into the darkness, the space for new beginning, the womb of creation, the cocoon of creation.

Want to breathe into the darkness of transformation? Check out this Sacred Sunday meditation, and balance New Moon and Full Moon energy.

Butterfly Energy and New Beginnings

Imagine when a caterpillar wraps that beautiful thread around themselves. The caterpillar goes into the cocoon and has its metamorphosis. It dissolves in the dark and comes out with wings, a totally new beginning.

I’ve been working with butterfly energy. I’ve been working with going inward, cocooning and releasing the chrysalis of fear. To emerge with wings, you have to go into the dark. You have to go deep inside. And you have to release. Notice what is coming into your life. Honor it as part of something new.

What do you want to create? What color butterfly wings do you want to spread? What kind of love do you want to share?

We may go into the darkness alone, and we can breathe together, create together, share together. We do that every week in Sacred Circle. And if you want to set an INTENTION to make change in your life - download this guided practice to do just that.

Bring Light Into the Darkness

Bring light into the darkness. Start with one point of light that comes into the womb of creation. Then maybe a million points of light come in. Create a circle of sacredness to create metamorphosis in this transformational time.

That light brings clarity in the fog and darkness. Use the light to let go of the darkness of the chrysalis. Emerge into that light.

Allow yourself to feel that inspirational energy of drawing light intentionally. Draw the light of creation into the darkness so that you can transform your own self. Then spread those wings and fly!

We need both, the light and the darkness. We need the nothingness of dissolving and the everything of the transformation.

I have a feeling that my boat

has struck, down there in the depths,

against a great thing.

And nothing

happens! Nothing...Silence...Waves...

--Nothing happens? Or has everything happened,

and are we standing now, quietly, in the new life?

—Juan Ramón Jiménez

Come up out of the depths, see what has changed. What transformation has happened? What new life are you standing in? Let me know in the comments - or send me an email

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