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What Brings You Inner Peace, Joy, and Wellness? Could You Find More?

My mission in life is inner peace, joy and wellness. The amazing thing is there are so many paths to inner peace, joy, and/or wellness. Lately, my path has followed my four-legged friends and explored the realms of dream time.

So I have one question for you today: What brings you inner peace, joy, and/or wellness?

Knowing your own path to peace, joy, and wellness is the first step to finding more of the same, to bringing more of these frequencies into your life. We each have our own answer to this question, and our answers might change or shift from one day, or even moment, to the next.

Find Connection for More Peace, Joy, and Wellness

I mentioned that connection has been one of my paths to inner peace, joy and wellness. While we each have our own path, connection is so important to each and all of us for our health and well-being.

My Sacred Sunday practice was born of the Covid lockdown. I wanted to push back against that forced disconnection and create a way to stay connected. I started offering a guided meditation every day initially -- I shared that for 90 days or so, and then moved to Sunday morning. I continue to invite you to keep connecting to love and to each other no matter the conditions of our lives.

Each week I guide us through breath together, because breath is the easiest and fastest way into connection. Different types and rhythms of breath can create different responses in the body: energizing, calming, grounding … When we take time to come together to breathe, it also opens connection and reminds us of our oneness.

Find Your Own Path to Peace, Joy, and Wellness

When I asked what brings you inner peace, joy, and wellness, did you have a quick and certain answer? Do you have a deep and true answer? Are the answers the same?

Connecting to your breath can help you find your path. Use your breath to connect to your heart. Use that breath to connect to your mind. Bring heart and mind together, into heart-brain coherence, and ask yourself the question. what brings me peace/joy/wellness? Use your breath to invite in more peace, joy, and wellness.

Tap into the frequency of love, whatever that is for you. Is it the beauty of the sunrise? The sound of the ocean on the beach? Quietness in your space? The greeting of a furry friend? Open to that love, open to the frequency of love. With that opening, let in peace. Let in joy. Let in wellness.

Bring your attention to what is right here, right now. Bring your attention to your breath. Let that anchor you in the moment. This moment is a gift. This moment is a present. This moment is the present. Bring yourself into the present and to the love, peace, joy, and wellness available to you right now.

Thank you for reading this. Thank you for being present with your breath and for sharing your time with me in this way. We were and are, meant to be in community. I am so grateful.

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