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Balance and Energy Shifts — 3 Practices for the Spring Equinox

Are you ready for the spring equinox? For those of you in North America with me, it will be here on March 20.

We are coming into spring and with it, we experience awakening and new birth. We begin to notice signs of spring in nature: changes in light, sap stirring in trees, green shoots poking through the soil, and flowers coming into bloom.

You might notice changes in yourself too. You might notice new ideas and dreams taking shape. You might sense shifts in your energy.

How can you tap into that energy? How do you approach this seasonal shift?

Clear Stagnant Energy

The spring or vernal equinox is a time to clear stagnant energy. Think about opening up your house after it’s been closed up all winter. Imagine fresh air blowing through. On the next warm day, open up the windows. Let in that fresh air and fresh energy.

You’ve heard of spring cleaning. The equinox can be a time to clean and clear your space. What are you ready to release? Could you use a space clearing to bring more joy and love into the space around you? What can you clear out to get the energy of your space flowing again?

Then look inward. How is your energy flowing? Where is it stuck? I recommend seasonally clearing your field of old imprints as a way to nourish your soul and restore your focus and energy. This is a great time for a chakra clearing, whether it’s your first time or as part of a seasonal practice.

Find Balance

The equinox is all about balance: balance day and night, dark and light. It’s a time to restore balance in your life. But first, you might feel unbalanced.

The spring equinox is a time of change, and most of us have some discomfort with change. You can lean into the change by stepping out of your comfort zone or by doing something creative.

Explore the meaning of balance. Try a balancing meditation or yoga practice. Take some time to journal about where you feel balanced or unbalanced in your life. What needs to shift?

Set aside time for calm in the chaos of life. Make space for the sacred in a busy world that pulls you away from center. Doing this regularly, as we do in Sacred Circle, can help bring ongoing balance to your life

Plant Seeds, Embrace the Sun

As we said at the beginning, spring equinox is a time of change, a time of rebirth, a time of awakening within us and in the natural world. Take time to notice what’s happening in and around you. Notice changes in the light. Watch for growing buds and shoots coming out of the earth. Notice things coming into bloom. Honor Mother Earth. (Try this meditation honoring the mother.)

This is a time to plant seeds, literally and metaphorically. What seeds do you want to plant? What do you want to reap in your life? Another way to think about this is this: what are you ready to birth in your life? What seeds do you need to plant now in order to do that?

Step outside, feel the sun on your face. Let in the light and the energy that brings life. Spending time outside in the sun in another way to lean into the equinox energy.

Feel the space of being clear. Feel the space of you grounded and secure. Feel the top of your own mountain and your connection to the divine.

May you plant seeds in this season, feel the energy shift and quicken within you. May you step out of your comfort zone and old patterns and open to energy shifts and rebalance.

You can use this practice to reset anytime your boundaries have been crossed.

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