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Welcome 2020 - an Andean Taiwantin

2020  — Here we ARE — AMAZING… 

It’s been 101 years since we had these double digits for the year....

and we are here in 2020— and the astrologists say of this year “the time is now”!*

To me, I feel the balance and rhythm of 2-0-2-0 — and it all adds up to four*.

Four directions. Four seasons. THE sacred number in Andean Mysticism is four.  2020 numerogically is 4 or taiwantin in quechua (the language of Andean mysticism).  The tawantin is the most sacred energy dynamic of the Andean mystical tradition and represents four factors that are harmonized, thus creating wholeness. In the medicine wheel teachings, we go through four directions or gates to come to the center,  integrating the energy that comes through the four gates into one of wholeness. We are here in this year of integration…. a place of coming to the center of our being and experiencing our own wholeness.

This is an inspiring time for really asking for what you want and then taking action on your commitments. Even small actions and baby steps will be acknowledged by spirit and supported by your allies. Do it now. If not now, when?

As I looked ahead at my year, I noticed an interesting pattern had developed all on its own: I had planned things on sacred numbers/dates.   1/10/2020 a Womb Initiation and Healing Circle 2/20/2020 .. participating in a despacho ceremony in sacred Sedona (someone else is leading:) 3/20/2020 … hosting a global gathering of Mesa Carriers for the Spring Equinox….with extra Magic to extend our gathering. and again in October: 10/10/2020 teaching Advanced Magic…. (5-10, 10/2020) a coincidence?  

It’s true that I have for nearly two years planned to do something special on 3/20/2020.  March being the third month, and three or the triscle (triple goddess), has long been a sacred number for me personally.  I am one of 3 daughters; many 3s in my life. And seeing the 3 of March and 3 20s in a row (3/20/2020) seemed too good to pass by without some ceremony. What better time to call a gathering of an allyu (pronounced "eye-you”, and translated as joining power together) than on the Spring Equinox when we are to plant seeds of intentions and Love?  Long story to say 3/20/2020 was booked intentionally because of it’s magic. 

For the other dates in my pattern, more coincidence than planning was involved.  What I know is this - these patterns in the universe mean something.  In the iChing, an ancient text that has been a divining tool for 1000s of years, they say that synchronicity or serendipity is a FORCE in the universe.  And we are all connected.  And the more we look for and lean into the signs/synchronicities, the more we ask for help and take action the more we will be acknowledged by spirit and supported by our allies.  So while I am unsure what this pattern shows me, I know that I have support from spirit to keep expanding into 2020 rhythmically in sacred timing.

The four of 2020 - the taiwantin I mentioned above in Andean mysticism — is a time of bringing the energy of the upper world down to earth in our human form.  So take action.  The universe will reward you with all manner of support as yet unforeseen.  January 2020 in particular is the time of “do it now”.  You have heard that expression  “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for” - jump in.  And if you are a carry a Mesa/Misha -you are very warmly invited to join me at that sacred 3/20/2020 gathering*, or for the magic that follows.*

Either way - have a magical year.  You are worth it! and yes, the time is now to give up on the waiting and bring in JOY.

*to honor 4, early registration saving$ for Mesa & Magic extended through January 8th*

  Shamanic Energy Healing 617-549-0439

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