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Solstice — Ready for Turning Points, Reality Checks, and Support?

Happy Solstice. Here in the Northern Hemisphere where I am, we’re celebrating Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. In the Southern Hemisphere, it’s the opposite, and everywhere on earth it is Solstice, a turning point, for the Earth and for each of us.

As you think about solstice, think about how you can prepare for a shift in your life. The light shifts — it gets long, it gets short — there's a big shift as we move away from the sun or towards it. And with that celestial shift comes a shift in our own energy, our own selves. It’s time for releasing what doesn’t serve you and really relying on the support that's available to you.

Set Your Intention

Often in meditations or circles, I ask people to set an intention. You can begin to make a habit of setting intentions. Wake up in the morning and set an intention for your day. Set an intention when you sit down to meditate or start off on a walk. Before you begin a new project or engage with a new goal, set your intention.

As you set an intention, notice what begins to shift in you — simply from the act of being intentional. Keep checking in to see what has changed, how you have changed.

Ask for Support

Now is an amazing time to prepare for a shift in your life. So often we think we have to go through big changes and transitions on our own; truth is, we don’t. As you prepare to commit to change, think about how you can be supported.

How can you call on the support that's available to you? and where can you give yourself permission to rely on the support that's available to you?

We always have access to support, yet we don’t always see it. At turning points, any time we feel we have lost our way, or any time at all, we can ask for help.

In the shamanic tradition, we have allies in the natural world, and in the world of energy. This is your reminder to trust your allies — and your own power. They are not mutually exclusive. Ask for help. Let yourself receive support.

Walk into the embrace of support and know that everything is going to work out. You are

held in beautiful, gossamer, divine, grace-filled wings. You will know what you need to do. Allow that knowing in. Rest deeply in the embrace of the earth and the natural world, knowing you are capable of doing what is required of you, in this moment and the next. One moment at a time.

I walk you more deeply through your heart into the white-blue flame of energetic healing and support in this Sacred Sunday Solstice meditation. Take 15 minutes to breathe and connect with your allies and the angelic realm.

Ask and give thanks, deep gratitude. Your intention, the shift you seek, is available to you as is any support you need. Ask, act, give thanks.

What’s shifted for you?

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