Advanced Shamanic Magic
with Amina & Julie
Experience Shamanic Magic
in Every Aspect of your Life

Advanced Magic Invitation

Finally, the class you have been longing for: 
Advanced Shamanic Magic.

Fully embrace what Einstein said long ago: Everything is energy.  Integrate your shamanic life and your ‘real’ life and give up any notion that they might be different from each other. We as energy practitioners have a responsibility and the gifts to truly use our skills for conscious co-creation. Sign up for this class and show up to create an amazing life full of peace, love and possibilities, for ourselves and for the world. Gain the tools to "be the change you long to see in the world" and join this supportive, strong group of advanced shamanic magicians and do this together!

Take your life and your work with clients to the next level

Truly understand the fundamentals of our Energetic Universe and apply them to your client work. Revolutionize the way you can assist your clients on their journeys – be it with new and potent forms of extractions or learning how to upgrade the whole field so that you/your clients are informed energetically by the future. Through direct experience of the Divine, understand that it has never been about applying a specific form. Learn and access the incredible amount of help that is available to you energetically as we share mystical new maps for our clients and our client work, and our lives.

Be part of changing the world

Advanced Shamanic Magic is a class designed to bring together powerful mesa carriers that are willing to show up to change the world. We step into Sacred Space, track what is called for and create ceremony for the world. This class is intended to take place annually in Germany and in the US and be different every time.

Join Julie Hannon and Amina Meineker for this love-filled magical class if you are a full mesa carrier:  as a graduate of the Lightbody School, the Kompassreise with Lifepassion or to a Medicine Wheel with Julie Hannon.

Amina & Julie

In  2008 both Julie and Amina started teaching with the Light Body School of the Four Winds Society – often referred to as the Harvard Univ. of Energy Medicine. Both stayed for a little over a decade. In 2013, Amina was stopped in Boston by a snow storm, and a mutual colleague suggested Amina & Julie meet (Julie lives in Boston). In that moment, their partnership was born.  Their shared background in Human Resources, Executive Coaching and Business Development - combined with their mutual desire to teach people to connect to the Divine, weaves a Sacred Space that facilitates magic. Since then, Amina and Julie have been cooperating and teaching together. They are excited to be co-creating this Advanced class to expand any dimension of what we thought is possible until now. 

Class tuition is $1.498.00*, and excludes room and board. Please book your accommodation directly with the venue.  *DIVINE December registrations save $200.

Set on 325 acres in the heart of the Catskill Mountains, Menla Mountain Retreat is surrounded by thousands of acres of forest preserve. The property itself is the site of the oldest known meteor impact crater on Earth, approximately 1.5 to 2 miles beneath the surface of the earth. Due to lack of solid bedrock, the gravitational field here is 0.2% less than in the surrounding areas. Year round, guests enjoy fresh mountain air, unspoiled beauty, abundant wildlife, and rushing streams and rivers.

To learn more about the property and view available lodging options, please visit To book your accommodations, please call (845) 688-6897 ext. 7507.

Join us for the FIRST USA class
Upstate New York, USA
March 22-27, 2020
October 5-10,  2020 -  North of Hamburg, Germany
What students said after the first class (Oct 2019, Germany)

“THANK YOU!!! Mere words, my dears, here too words cannot express what my heart feels. Our Seminar has catapulted me into my living vision. Spirit sends me clients to practice the new tools, priceless,! Thank you! My daily meditation practice extends into the day – I can act, with intent and love! And I do! Your teaching has enabled me to walk my talk – first hand. In every step I walk on this beautiful earth. A key to being a shamanic practitioner in its truest sense, every minute, every hour.”

– Isabella, Practicing Shaman, Lightbody School


I have already attended many seminars and workshops. The Advanced Magic Seminar has so far been the best, the most beautiful and the most moving. Infinite love has flowed. I have climbed on a mountain and this fact helps me to accept big tasks with great support. My heart is full of joy, happiness, blessings, dance and love. Thanks for everything." 

- Sabina Ashana, Light Body grad 

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