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Turn to the Face the Light — 3 Ways to Really Wake Up Today

Hello! Are you awake yet? Whether you’re reading this first thing in the morning or over afternoon tea, or in the evening before bed, I wonder if you are awake … really awake?

Scan your body. Are there places asleep, an arm or leg? Maybe your heart or liver? Is there some part of you that is sleepy or sluggish? What would it take to really wake up?

Rumi says:

And this groggy time we live, this is what it's like:

A person goes to sleep in the town

where they have always lived, and they dream

they are living in another town.

They believe the reality of the dream town.

The world is that kind of sleep.

The dust of many crumbled cities

settles over us like a forgetful doze,

but we are older than those cities.

We began as a mineral. We emerged into plant life

and into animal state, and then into being human,

and always we have forgotten our former states,

except in early spring when we slightly recall

being green again.

Humankind is being led along an evolving course

through this migration of intelligences,

and even though we seem to be sleeping,

there's an inner wakefulness that directs the dream.

It will eventually startle us back

to the truth of who we are.

3 Ways to Really Wake Up

I’m not asking you to step away from the dream space. Instead awaken and be present to this world: to let the dream world into your awake world; to feel the sunshine on your face; to feel your connection to the earth, to let the energy that makes up most of you flow.

1. Turn to the Light

Have you seen a plant move toward the window, reaching for the light? We all turn to the light, whether we realize it or not. Choose to consciously turn to the light. Choose to feel the sun on your face.

When I meditate in the morning alone or in community, I turn to the east, to the rising sun. I invite you to face the east in the morning. Feel the energy. Notice the light. Welcome the new day. Wake up.

2. Tune in to Your Breath and Heart

Breath can be calming or energizing. To wake up, use breath to bring energy to the body. Try belly breathing, box breathing, ujayi breath. Feel your breath flow all through you.

Feel the energy of your heart. Listen to the sound of your breath. Breathe into the spaces that may have been asleep or in the dream state. Breathe into love. Breathe into whatever is showing up for you.

Breathe and feel grounded in the present moment, in the here and now, in the waking space. Bring your dream time into the present time. How can you live your life in the sacred way or the way of dreaming while you’re awake? Set your intention.

3. Focus on Connection

We have a habit of paying attention to disconnection instead of paying attention to connection or re-connection. What happens if you shift that? What happens when you practice or learn to reconnect when faced with disconnection?

Can you feel the rising energy of warmth that comes when we connect? I show up for Sacred Sunday meditation for you and for me to be present to the moment of what unfolds in the warmth of connection. Open to that connection. Turn your breath and attention to connection. Wake up to the connection all around you. Wake up to the many connections you are part of.

Connect to your own power and purpose with greater clarity by waking up parts of you that are sluggish, clearing your chakras. Connect to your own heart’s wisdom.

Connect. Breathe. Turn to the light — and really wake up to this world!

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