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Intention Setting 101 on the New Moon – Ask for What You Want

We are in the New Moon space, and it’s time to set intentions. An intention isn’t a goal or a to-do…it’s more of an aim, a purpose, and a way of being.

I’ve set an intention of feeling lighter, even as I move into the dark phase of the moon. I want to feel lighter physically, in thoughts and feelings, in my soul and energetically. As I move through that lightness of being, visiting each place, I realize and remember that in energy I am all light. So I lean into the light of my energy and bring light to my heart.

Maybe you wish to feel lighter or be a beacon of light. Maybe your intention is to be more open to receiving or to let love and abundance flow through you.

Whatever your intention, the new moon maximizes the energy of intentions. Solar flares also magnify the power of intentions, so step out into the sunlight. Feel the pulsing energy of the sun. Let them amplify your intention.

Intention Setting Tip 1: Get Really Clear

Breathe into your heart. Breathe in love and send it to your belly. Ground and root yourself. Then place your hands on your belly, one hand above your belly button, one hand below. Feel your gut. Breathe into your gut.

What is your gut telling you about your intention? Listen. Feel. What seed do you want to plant?

This isn’t a time to be vague. Don’t make the universe guess what you want. Go ahead and use your voice. Say your intention aloud. Offer gratitude and then ask for what you want.

Wrap a vision around your intention. What does it feel like, look, taste like, smell like when the dream of your intention is realized? Picture it. Hear it. Taste it. Feel it. Be in it.

Intention Setting Tip 2: Bring Love to Your Intention

Bring your attention to your heart. Where you put your attention is where you put your energy, so put your attention on your heart and on love. Put a hand on your belly and one on your heart. Honor your gut feeling and your heart wisdom, and bring love to your intention.

Exhale your intention out into the world. Inhale and draw your intention in. Bring love to your intention again. Share your intention with gratitude.

If you’d like to breathe more and be guided through this process, follow this Sacred Sunday meditation. I share this practice as an intention of spreading love and gratitude and heart-focused connection. It’s an easy, gentle practice to bring you into your heart and magnify the resonance of love and gratitude into the world. If you aren't already on my list, hop on my list and get a free toolkit and downloadable to set a heart-focused intention.

Make space weekly for Sacred Sunday to share love, gratitude, and intentions each week, and join me weekly or drop in any Thursday in Sacred Circle to stay connected to your heart, your gut, your guides as you love and live your intention.

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