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Inauguration Take off & Landing

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Tomorrow is inauguration day here in the United States of America. I looked up the definition of inauguration - and here is what I found:

  • the beginning or introduction of a system, policy, or period

  • the formal admission of someone to office

  • a ceremony to mark the beginning of something

We will begin something new tomorrow (HOORAY!), with a formal admission of someone to office, and a ceremony to mark this admission. This month of starting a new, we are taking off into a new world. How are you marking this time?

When I was preparing class for Thursday early today, I realized that this week class was following Inauguration Day. It occured to me in that moment that collectively we would be coming in for a landing from inauguration events on Thursday morning and that I wanted to open a sacred space for the class to land after this big transition.

And I got to thinking about take-offs and landings. Runways... touching down. Probably because on Saturday I flew for the first time in a long time. I have always loved flying, and yet it wasn't long ago that I used to count takeoffs and landings of each trip, as I figured if there was going to be a flight problem that was the most likely time. My kids were little - I was attached to being around for them. But more importantly than the countdown (1 takeoff over, 3 up/downs to go), I wanted there to be someone there to hold my hand through the event/stressor, be it takeoff or landing. When someone holds my hand, everything is better.

We are for sure on the runway to Inauguration day. People around here, and perhaps around the world, are counting the hours til takeoff... the new beginning. And I wonder who holds your hand through the ride? What have you done to support yourself through what might be a stressful moment for you? Have you buckled your seatbelt?

Once we get above the clouds, there is a great view: it's always a sunny day once we get high enough. And then we have to come down. Come in for a landing. Planning the landing is just as important as the take off. How will you come down from 30000 feet? Who will be holding your hand as you come into this new world?

When I was looking ahead for my Thursday class - SacredCircle, I felt grateful to know that I would be in community and the sacred space of circle Thursday morning. Who knows what the landing will look like after tomorrow? I invite you to make a plan for coming in for a landing -- who will hold your hand during the touchdown? Integration and landings may require extra space and planning to be sure the runway is clear and you have enough fuel to get safely to your destination.

It’s my gift to you, my invitation, and my special sauce, to help everyone I can plug back into themselves, to remember their brilliance so that they reconnect to their magic and build a life connected to their personal power and Spirit. To be here on Earth living a life of joy and abundance and ease, and to have simple tools to do it. If you would like a little extra support in these next few days for our take-offs and landings, join me in Letting Go and Receiving with the ease of waves going out and coming in (shared from an ocean beach). You can start/end your day with this oceanside Practice Here (it’s on youTube, or if you'd prefer facebook - here it is).

Wishing the world over a great celebration of the US Inauguration day - 2021. I close with this powerful Martin Luther King quote it so spoke to me (thank you to my dear friend Heidi Fokine for sharing in yoga Monday). His words share part of the vision I hold for the world — "Transforming the JANGLING DISCORDS … into a Beautiful Symphony" woven from loving connection, clearing, sacred space.

I look forward to hearing the symphony in the coming days and years. With Love- and wishes for peace, joy, and freedom for all–

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