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Starting a New; Welcome to 2021

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Welcome to 2021 – Starting a New –

I have, for years, had an annual ritual of hanging a Lunar Calendar in my kitchen. The phases and cycles that bring us through the year that are so influenced by the moon. I used to have a mini Moon calendar at my desk when I worked in corporate too; it’s so important to go with the moon flow like the tides, to honor the influence natures rhythms. This year, as January starts, we have just passed a full moon and the energy of this period through the new moon is all about finishing projects and getting focused, and then the New Moon will bring us to set intentions, reflect, before we step fully into this new year.

The theme I am working with in group meditations and circle this month is “start a new.” Let’s say your life is like a new business. Feel into your startup. Who's your team? What are the resources? How do you get support? Do you have the necessary foundation to build with strength start-up that you want? Remember, it's a startup. It's not a start over. You are starting a new, 2021; this is a whole new tapestry. So what do you want to pull forward? What do you want to put around you? We have all the gifts of our life up until now—Start-up!! Energy of asking what do you need around you, who’s around you, your allies, do they have 2 legs, or 4? What are the resources that support you? So much of this is about connecting to love….. what are you bringing forward into the new year, and how would you like to start-up?

Free of ambition or embarrassment, a place in your body where you connect to the divine. Sometimes we need to release ….. to start anew. To Unlearn some things we have learned, or make new habits. To remember that we have a spot of grace within our body where we hold our potential, that we can tap into with a breath.

Take a few moments now to breathe with me.

A lonnnnggggg slow inhale through your nose….

And a lonnnnnnnggggg slow exhale through your mouth.

And then move your attention from your mind, or wherever it is, move your attention to your heart.

Breathe in your nose, and out of your mouth, with all your attention on your heart.

Move to your center. And now notice (answer these questions):

  • What has changed in taking a few breaths and moving your attention to your heart?

  • How does the feeling in your body/mind/being change when you inhale loving kindness?

  • What grounds you?

  • What brings you to joy?

  • How do you re-connect to your soul, your purpose?

Use the questions above as journaling prompts; to explore your breath and your awareness.

If you’d like to be guided through your start-up and connect to your inner grace – you can join me in a guidedpractice here:’s on youTube, be my guest:)

Or go deep. Deepen your Magic and explore you and your start-up to 2021 in Thursday Circle. I have found a way to create a weekly retreat in Thursday circle that supports you in connecting and experiencing that feeling of knowing, and being held in the sacred magic.

Many of us have the great experience of stepping out of our lives and into retreat. This is a great gift of self-nourishment, a time to focus. We come back from our retreats full of energy, love, possibilities, knowing who we are having been guided in a process to deepen our experiences of joy, and knowing ourselves. Now you can experience this shift in our weekly 90-minute zoom circle, Thursdays from 10:30-Noon EST.

When you subscribe now I am offering 2020 pricing for new subscribers this week. Join for the month and see what it's really like to be in Circle. And if you want to wade in - and try the first class – you can Register for a Single Class here.

Thursday Circle – the first four Thursdays of every month – each month designed to Respond to the Now of the moment, the moon, the season/s. Circle includes 1-2 journeys, reflecting time, small group sharing, and teachings. Be in community, connected, sacred.

Join me to Start a New – you will be glad you did.

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