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How to Let It Be and Let It Go at the Hunter's Moon

Sunday was the Hunter’s Full Moon. We come around and around to the full moon each month. We come around to each particular full moon every year. We have a chance to release what we don’t need again and again. Our next full moon happens on November 8, another chance to let it go.

What phase of the moon are you in? Do you feel ready to stand and reflect brightness, or do you go in and in and in by going deeper into the darkness. However it shows up for you is just perfect.

Last week, we experienced the chakra clearing that comes with the wild winds of change and hurricane season. We tapped into the swirling energy. This week, we go within. This week we get quiet and still.

Embrace the Quiet Fire Within to Let Go

The Hunter’s Moon comes with the fiery leaves of autumn.

  • Embrace this fiery energy.

  • Embrace the release, like the trees release their leaves.

Fiery doesn’t have to come with fury of activity. Fire can be quiet, mesmerizing, focused. Bring the sacred silence inside you. Allow it to rest inside you. I watched a bear under the light of the moon eating apples, nourishing itself for winter. Nourishing itself to go quiet.

Let autumn nourish you. Prepare for change as the seasons change. Be on the lookout for the Chakra Workshop to prepare you energetically for this change and reset. Set your intention. What do you need to release to heal in the spaces of relations and connection?

One of the routes to letting go is to go within. There is a time for movement and vocalizing, and there is a time for quiet and stillness.

Let It Be, Let It Go

Mary Oliver talks about stillness as a door to the temple. Meditation and breath can carry you into stillness and lead you into the temple.

Follow the sound of your breath.

Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Be still.


Pay attention.

Let it all be.

Let it all go

Keep breathing. Keep following these five simple mantras. I led us deep into quiet stillness in our Sacred Sunday meditation. Join me there on the mountainside.

Release on the full moon so that you can step into the temple, gathering, and being the hunter of peace, grace, love.

Be still. Relax. Enjoy the fiery energy of transformation to resolve anything that wants to be addressed. What needs attention is clearly apparent. Turn your attention there. Release.

Give gratitude for what is in your life. Be open to new things. Lean into the support all around you. Let it be and let it go. Embrace the space for something new.

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