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How to Clear Your Chakras with the Winds of Change

Chakras are the energy centers in our body; the Earth has chakras too. Just as we take care to eliminate waste in our physical body (poop!), when we attend to our energy body we are lighter, healthier, happier. The earth clears her chakras, and we can learn from her to clear our chakras. We can learn about welcoming the Winds of Change from Mother Nature. We can learn more about how to release from nature.

In the Northern Hemisphere, we are coming into fall, a time of clearing and letting go. This is a wonderful time to connect to the womb of our gestational mother and to the womb of the earth. We ground and root and connect … even as we release.

Connect to the Womb of Your Mother

We all come through a womb. In the womb we are nurtured and nourished. We get everything we need, from the abundance from our mother’s body.

You can tune into the beauty of your mother’s womb; bring beauty with you into the creation space of your mother's womb. You can tune into the womb of Mother Earth; her womb the source of life on earth. Bring gratitude to these womb spaces. Offer apology, forgiveness, love and gratitude. Try ho'oponopono: I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you. Perhaps, as I do, repeat the Thank You, because gratitude is so powerful.

Connect your etheric womb to the womb of the Earth. Mother Earth takes care of herself and us. When we connect with her and bring joy and celebration, she brings joy and celebration to us.

Learn to Clear Your Chakras Like the Earth

Mother Earth nurtures and nourishes us, and as I said, she takes care of herself. She knows that the winds of change blow; hurricanes come and spin counter-clockwise to clear/cleanse. She knows the need to clear out and release; the more cleansing she needs, the stronger the wind.

Things that are past their season weigh us down, block our energy. It takes energy to hold onto things. Think of a tree that holds onto leaves long past the time the rest release. Think of a big wind bringing down those leaves. What do you need to release? What energy could you free up by not holding on to things no longer serving you?

This is the season of winds, swirling and churning up the ocean, scouring the earth. These winds are exactly what the earth needs at this season. Every fall, these storms, these winds clear the chakras that run up the Atlantic. The winds of change clear out the chakras of the earth. We can welcome those winds. We can welcome change and release. What do you choose?

Let the winds come in with your breath. Let that wind clear you out. Try this guided meditation to bring breathwork to womb healing and release. Let the wind of your body clear you out just like nature does.

  • What are you releasing?

  • What do you discover when you let the winds of change scour you clean?

It's your choice, your gift of being human: welcome change? release?

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