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How to Create Your Own Heart Sanctuary and Clear Your Lower Chakras

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Do you have a sanctuary? A sacred place. A place of refuge and safety. Maybe you have a place you go that provides that feeling of security and well-being. Perhaps a place in nature where you feel calm and connected to Spirit.

You can create a sanctuary in your own heart. TAn inner sanctuary resides in you no matter what is happening outside; a sanctuary of beauty and healing. Go there and access that refuge any time.

Let’s create that sanctuary and practice sitting on the throne of your heart.

Create Your Heart Sanctuary

When I was in my early 20s, somebody invited me to build a sanctuary in my inner world. One of the important features was that it was in nature. You can go out into nature literally, or bring nature in to your heart in your imagination. I’ll guide you to bring the natural world into your consciousness wherever you are as you create or find your way into your own heart sanctuary.

We start with the heart because the heart is the seat of our soul. When we take up residency in our heart, and when we include an elevated emotion of gratitude or appreciation in our heart focus, we become coherent.

Follow the steps below or check out the full heart chakra guided meditation.

Breathe into your heart. Breathe out through your heart.

Imagine walking through the trees to the door of your heart. Get still. Mary Oliver calls stillness “one of the doors into the temple.” When we get still we easily access the door of the temple of your heart, your heart sanctuary.

Enter your heart. Take a seat on the throne in the sanctuary there. As you take your seat, feel a beautiful tree growing behind you, a tree so big you can rest your back against it. Feel the sturdiness of the tree behind you, the roughness or smoothness of the bark. The strength and grounding in her wisdom.

Listen, can you hear birds in the trees? The leaves rustling in the breeze? The beat of your own heart? The quiet, strong voice of your heart and soul?

Breathe deep and smell the richness of the loam, the fullness of the earth beneath you. Inhale long and slow. Exhale longer and slower.

Feel the tree supporting you. Notice the energy around you. Lean into being held by the tree. You are in your heart sanctuary. You can come here any time, whatever is going on.

Keep the Lower Chakra Path to Your Heart Sanctuary Clear

Your heart sanctuary is always available to you, and you can keep the path to it open by keeping your lower chakras clear and balanced. Clearing that path makes it easier to move into your heart. When the lower three centers in your energy body are activated/out of balance, you can only look at the world through the lens of survival.

To get out of survival mode, make sure the root chakra, the sacral chakra, and the solar plexus chakra are clear. Clearing the 1st three energy centers, the earth chakras, allows easier access to the heart. It also allows you to create instead of reacting to survive, from the energy of live or die.

Sunlight is the fire that transmutes. Fire clears out anything that keeps you from connecting. Draw sunlight and the energy of new beginnings into your lower centers or chakras. Bring warmth and light to your root, your sacral area, your solar plexus. As you rebalance and clear, your next breath can bring you back to your heart.

Welcome yourself into to your heart sanctuary. Connect with nature. Connect with your soul. Breathe in unconditional love and compassion. Then breathe that out and share it with the world.


You can connect with the sacred in your Heart Sanctuary anytime. You can connect with the sacred with me and a community every week for Sacred Sunday live or by replay. To dive deeper and give yourself the gift of community and consistent time in the sacred, come to Sacred Circle for deeper journeys and healing.

Another way to connect to your heart sanctuary and to find greater ease, joy, and clarity is to work with each and all of your chakras. It’s a way to upgrade your system so that you can achieve physical, emotional, and spiritual/soul health and balance. Check out the Chakra Healing & Balancing Master Class Series.

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