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1 Way to Clear Congestion and Create from Your Heart Chakra

How would it feel to be fully embodied in heart light? Imagine the green eternal healing flame in your heart glowing bright. Imagine your heart radiating and receiving gratitude.

Let’s open up this channel of unconditional love and compassion.

Unblock Your Heart Chakra By Clearing Above and Below

Your heart chakra can’t shine in its full radiance if your lower chakras are congested. If you want to create from your heart, not a place of survival, you need to clear your lower chakras.

Try this. Start by bringing all your attention and awareness to your heart. Breathe into your heart space. Then exhale from your heart down through your lower three centers.


Solar plexus

Sacral area

Root chakra

Do it again. Let your breath be a wash of water and energy through your heart. Let love flow down through your heart all the way down to your root. Let it wash and clear those lower three chakras. You can try the full heart light clearing meditation here.

With your lower three chakras clear, turn your attention again to your heart. Breathe in through the heart, and this time exhale up through the crown.

How often does your head get in the way of you listening to or hearing your heart channel?

Use your breath from the heart out through the crown to gather divine light. Let it illuminate your mind, so you can move your mind with light and attention. Let mind and heart work together. Heart-mind coherence.

Let your heart fill with gratitude.

  • Do you feel gratitude for the people in your life?

  • For the light and life giving sun, even on a gray day?

  • Will you even feel gratitude for the little pains that remind you that you are alive?

What are you grateful for in your practice? What are you grateful for in this day? What are you grateful for in this life? Take a moment to make a list. Face the sun and say it aloud. Share your gratitude with other people.

Gratitude is the most effective way of receiving. Going into gratitude opens us, and in the same way we open energy channels in the body with our practice, practicing gratitude will open us again and again to receiving.

What flows through you now? What can you create from a place of gratitude, appreciation, and love?

Notice how you feel when you are heart-centered. We're all interconnected when we get centered in our heart. Let your heart radiance shine.

Want to dive deeper into the wisdom of chakras? My Chakra Class is coming to help you gain a deeper understanding of these essential energy centers and how to clear congestion to allow your energy to shine and flow.

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