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Can You Feel Curious about Change Not Initiated by You? Full Moon Meditation

Here we are, cycling again to the full moon. The full moon time is a time to release and shed what we no longer need. This particular moon also supports celebrating what’s rising with us.

We’re here at the February full moon, the Snow Moon.

  • What do you need to release now?

  • What is getting in the way of your light?

  • What is holding you back from your truth?

Consider these lines from Rumi:

Let your throat-song

be clear and strong enough

to make an emperor fall full length,

suppliant at the door.

What would make your throat-song clear today? What is your truth? What’s in the way of your truth? This full moon is the time to release anything getting in the way of your light. That might mean getting curious about what you are clinging to or noticing where things are cracked or stuck. What happens when you get curious and loosen your grip on control?

How to Ride the Waves of Change with Curiosity

I’ve heard that this full moon could bring something surprising or unexpected. Some of us struggle with change quite a bit. That’s especially true when we feel out of control. It’s one thing to initiate change. It’s another to navigate change you did not choose. Can you feel curious about the change you don’t initiate? Can you open your heart wider to curiosity?

A few things to remember:

  • It’s not personal. Instead of feeling like something is happening to you, get curious. Notice where cracks are appearing and breathe into the cracks. Let light and love in through the cracks.

  • You have choices. You can choose to ride the waves. You can opt to dive into the foam. You can hop on somebody’s surfboard. There are lots of ways to navigate the waves of change. Pay attention so you don’t get knocked down, and work with what comes by breathing in between the waves.

Gratitude is always a good option. When things aren’t going as expected, remember that gratitude is the ultimate state of receiving. You can use your breath to draw in gratitude and release it back to the world. You can offer gratitude for your body, the sunshine, anything. Bring attention to the things you appreciate, the things that bring joy. Offer gratitude for the light around you and the cold, even as you welcome in warmth.

Curiosity keeps us flexible. We wonder. We ask questions. We are open to new possibilities. We can even approach change with excitement or anticipation. Curiosity helps us out of stuck places. It helps us let the light and energy in. You can train your body to lean into curiosity and open to what is possible for you.

Set an intention to bring more curiosity to your day. Curiosity might start with noticing and wondering. It could start with what if … Curiosity could show up as trying something new and paying attention to how it feels in your body. If you’d like more guidance accessing your curiosity and opening to the light, try the Full Moon Sacred Sunday guided meditation.

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