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Connecting to your Center: a Podcast.

Updated: May 6, 2020

My story of how I found my way to shamanism

We live in an energetic world, Spiritual Beings having a Human experience. So often we focus on the all the “stuff” of life, and disregard the energy of a situation. The energy of life is the 99.99% of all of it, and how we engage in this realm with sacredness and intention following ancient pathways or walking the pathless path is a way home to your heart.

As we step into 2019, I have been sharing shamanic teachings and teaching people how to journey to their hearts by remembering that we are made (mostly:) of energy. As we awawken to living in an energetic universe - and re-desocver our own unique connection to Spirit - we may find that we open a flow of infinite possibility.

And in this energetic world, where we put our attention "collapses" energy into matter; this is the stuff of quantum physics. And for millennia shaman have known that our intearctions with all that is help to "dream in a world" that is abundant. We are in connection and partnership in this living world, with the living energy /anima of all life here on Earth. Our consciousness and ability to focus our attention/consciousness is how are different than other animals here on this Earth.

And here, in the 21st Century, it is time to return to these ancient wisdom teachings so that we may (re-) discover our connections and interconnections with all that is here so that we can support the Earth in returning to balance. And we do this by upgrading our frequencies through ceremony, being out in nature, and stepping into practices that clear our energy body/field..

Listen to the PodCast, "Finding your Way Back to the Earth" on iTunes here.

And I do love talking about this work and these pathways with people to help them remember their own unique connection to Spirit (or the Divine). Today's blog is an invitation to listen in on my recent conversation with Deirdre Breckenridge; Deirdre/Women Worldwide facilitates conversations with women around the world as we tell our stories. The story I share is the story of how I found my way to shamanism and home to my heart.

I love hearting from you - Comment or email me. What's your story?

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