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Set Heaviness Aside - Offer Prayer & Gratitude to the Earth

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

What do you think when I say nature?

Do you think of getting out of the city and away from people?

Nature is wherever we are, we just have to connect; step outside and look around. Inhale through your heart and exhale and connect to the nature that is all around you, look down beneath your feet. What do you imagine when I say nature?

Do you picture a beautiful mountain? The deep blue of the sea? The green, green, green of trees and grass and moss? Do you picture a forest or a meadow or a garden?

Do you picture yourself?

We have this funny feeling we are not part of nature, and we are. We are part of nature, part of the natural world. Our job is to bring love to the earth by pulling light in to the here and now.

After our Sacred Sunday meditation, I went into a sweat lodge in the Lakota tradition to offer prayers to the earth. Before entering the sweat lodge, we set down any heaviness we are carrying. I invite you to let go of any heaviness you are carrying today. Sometimes we carry it in our physical bodies or our energy bodies. Are you willing to put down the heaviness you carry?

In this Sacred Sunday meditation, we set down any heaviness in our bodies, our spirits, our souls >> Let Go of Heaviness and Give Gratitude for the Earth

My time in the sweat lodge was an offering and a moment....

to give thanks to the earth

to bring starlight down into the belly of the mother

to remember that each footfall we take on the earth is an offering and a moment to give thanks

to live lightness

to give back to the earth

to give light and gratitude.

Become a lighthouse, a light spreader of that gratitude.

My prayers for the day are:

For Spirit

For snow-capped mountains and the earth

For the masculine and feminine

One for each of the four directions to which we turn

For sun, moon, stars, moon, earth

For all our relations

For that which we shed

For the place where we honor our ancestors

For the magic and the possibility and what we are creating with every gesture.

What are your prayers today?

Offer blessings and gratitude to the Earth. We make prayers with our breath, with our spoken voice. We make prayers for the earth that we may hold all the beauty that she offers us in our hearts and remember to honor her and treat her with loving kindness.

We are an expression of the earth. Do you treat yourself with loving kindness?

Breath in through your heart. Exhale down into the earth. Feel the energy of earth and sun. We are here to bring light to the earth. Share your life. A few weeks ago, I did a rainbow body illumination. Remember the rainbow body that you are.

Remember that we are here to be stewards and of service to the earth. We are here to offer prayers of gratitude to the earth. She is so abundant to share with us.

Receive that light from the earth that the Lakota tell us is held in the crystalline cluster in the middle of the earth. Exhale through that crystalline heart.

Feel what’s shifted for you. What have you noticed already?

Have a beautiful day. Share this practice and your prayers today.

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