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Lunar New Year - Welcome Water Tiger

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

It is the time of the moon and the lunar new year. It is a time for intentions, extra deep intentions. Imagine you have a fresh palette of snow (again). Lay down and make an angel, spread your wings wide.

Create a path for a new intention in the new moon, the new year.

This lunar year we welcome the water tiger. All tigers are unique. All tigers are free thinking, free feeling. Welcome these qualities to the world. And it is not just a tiger year, but a water tiger year. The water tiger is the most unpredictable, and also the calmest and most family-centered tiger. The water tiger brings families together, and I believe in the family of humanity.

I believe we are one people on this earth, loving compassionately. I believe we are one family seeing the light and beauty in each other. I believe we can come together more closely.

I believe in the light in each of us and in sharing the light we have. When our candles are lit, the darkness goes away. There is never enough darkness in all the world to put out even one small candle, even the tiniest crystalline light.

So light the candle in your heart. Bring a match to your love-light. Bring gratitude into your heart. Bring birdsong that comes as the day is just beginning to lighten to your heart.

Know that there is no darkness that can put your candle out.

How does your candle flicker? Is it clear and still? Does the flame stand tall? Do you know the truth that your flame is always there? Tend to your candle. Don’t hide the light.

Are you ready to breathe into your light? To spread your light? To know your light?

Find light and quiet and intention here: Sacred Sunday Meditation: New Moon Water Tiger Meditation.

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