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Will You Join Our Dance of Gratitude in the Sacred Garden?

There is beauty all around us, and we can connect to our heart anywhere. We can receive and give gratitude anywhere. And there are sacred spaces that allow us deeper access to gratitude, love, ease. I recently spent time in a sacred garden in a sacred space and was moved to share my Sacred Sunday practice from there to help you raise your frequency.

Where I am, here on earth, it is summer time — a time of so much abundance. At the same

time it has been a year of drought and the sense of lack or need that comes with it. And now, we are on the verge of fall and the letting go that comes with autumn harvests. How do we hold space for all of that — the abundance and the fear of what’s missing and the letting go effortlessly?

Let’s lean in to the dance of gratitude and abundance. Let’s raise our frequency.

Take three deep breaths, and with them, draw up the energy of beautiful gratitude. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you. Notice what you feel grateful for in this moment. Your gratitude could be sourced simply in this practice or your breath. It may be for the people in your life or some part of the beauty of the natural world around you. Simply notice where your gratitude flows.

What a lovely surprise to be filled with gratitude and dance. Draw the energy up. Receive this abundance with the inhale, and exhale and share the abundance of your love, of your light, of your grace, of your joy. Receive and share the gratitude of the beauty that's all around.

Gratitude is the ultimate state of receivership; breathe in and receive gratitude. Then breathe out and share it.

Share Your Gratitude, Share Your Light

We've all been deployed to share our light. When you raise your frequency, when you breathe into your light, you fan the flames of your light. You light yourself up!

Expand your light. Notice its flicker and shine, and allow it to get bigger.

Imagine a lighthouse. Picture the old fashioned candles or oil lights. Picture brighter electric lights. Envision the reflectors helping spread that light. You are the lighthouse, the reflectors, the light. Spread your light far and wide.

Expand Your Gratitude and Potential

Meditation is one way to connect to your heart, to channel your energy, and to intentionally receive and share gratitude. Meditation means "to know yourself;" and daily practice invites you to know yourself new each day. (You can try these guided meditations to support your practice.) A regular practice affirms our connections and neural pathways to gratitude, love, and compassion. Each time you join your breath and energy, you open to shifts and changes. Notice what shifts for you each time you practice. I go live each Sunday to share a brief meditation practice to ground you, raise your frequency, and to help you connect to love, gratitude, joy, and grace.

When we come together in a circle with other people, we activate our prosocial neurons which allow us to expand our potential and our possibility, connecting us to infinite possibilities in the field of energy. If you want more of that potential expansion, join me on Thursdays for Sacred Circle. We come together for 75 minutes to connect, experience the magic deeply, expand and heal. What better way to spend your lunch hour.

What are you grateful for now?

What abundance is in your life?

What potential is waiting for you?

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