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What's Your Heart's Desire? Are You Ready to Receive It?

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Life is so different than we expect it to be when we allow ourselves to open to possibility. Shaman live their life in the trust that the unknown/unknowable is sacred and benevolent; they know that the Universe has our backs. From this place, we don’t know what’s happening next. We don’t know where we’ll go in life.

What happens when you stop trying to control what happens next?

What happens when you breathe into potential and possibility?

What happens when you open to your heart’s desire?

A Full Moon Intention to Receive Your Hearts Desire

This full moon is a time of abundance and gratitude. It’s a time to connect more deeply with our feminine energy of receiving, even receiving your heart’s desire.

Start with gratitude. What are you grateful for today? Let that gratitude flow from your heart through your central channel. Let it spread in ripples through your body. Then let it ripple out into the world. Bring that gratitude in and then receive a giant wave of whatever's coming towards. Receive it with love and release anything in the way of receiving love.

Then set the intention of fulfilling your heart’s desire.

Say it: I’m fulfilling my heart’s desire. Repeat it.

How does that feel? Do you believe your intention?

What’s getting in the way? If you have any lingering thought or frequency that hesitates to fulfill your heart's desire, drop it into an imaginary (or real) fire of the full moon. Drop it into the bottom of a deep pond, feeling the ripples of release. You can even say, “I release from my body, from my mind and emotions, the habit of that thought. I step back into my heart and my breath into the potential and the possibility.”

If you want to bring your breath and body more fully into a space of gratitude and receiving, try this timeless full moon meditation about receiving your heart’s desire.

What would it be like if today was the last day of your earth walk? What would you want to fulfill in your heart's desire? What joy would you want to share? What gift would you want to offer? Imagine it. Offer it. Receive it.

Make Space for the Magic to Happen

In meditation, I invite us again and again and again to close our eyes so that we can find stillness within. When our eyes are open, we're taking in the beauty and everything we see around us. Our brain is very active when we are seeing the external world.

When you close your eyes and get curious, you can look down inside your body, into your own heart. When you get still, you can hear your intuition better and receive the messages and support that are always there for you.

Sacred Sunday meditation provides an oasis to breathe, offer gratitude, receive and share gifts. And if you crave more of an oasis, if you want to go deeper, open wider to the sacred and the magic, Sacred Circle is for you. No matter what is happening in the world around us, we can reign the chaos into calm, the anxiety into joy, and the fear into love. This weekly virtual gathering is your place to do just that.

This month in Sacred Circle, we are journeying around the wheel. If this week’s dive into receiving your heart’s desire struck a chord, how would it feel to shed the past, open to possibility, embrace peace, and manifest your vision?

Join us Thursday for the rest of the month to make more space for the mystical and practice and open more deeply to your heart’s desire.

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