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What If You Didn't Work So Hard? 3 Lessons from Nature

Are you flapping your wings hard all the time? Imagine gliding and floating on the breeze of your breath. What would you notice if you let yourself be carried? How much energy would you save for other things?

Today we practice letting in ease, gliding on breath, noticing and appreciating. We learn from the marsh hawk, the leaves, the warmth of the sun.

Float Like a Marsh Hawk

Mary Oliver tells us the marsh hawk is not like other birds who work their wings hard, but rather,

… merely

or so it seems,

lays his breast upon the air

and the air, as if understanding,

floats him along

What if you stopped beating your wings so hard today? Whether you are straining toward a goal or feeling weighed down with the daily grind, what if you let in ease?

Try using your breath to open to ease. Try floating on your breath.

I talk you through a shorter inhale and longer exhale in this Sacred Sunday meditation inspired by the marsh hawk. Notice what happens when you lengthen your exhale. Aw you lengthen your exhale, and exhale through your mouth, it allows your parasympathetic nervous system to come online, your body moves out of fight/flight as it is nourished by breath and air moving over your lips.

Release Like a Tree, Ground Like the Leaves

Autumn in New England is rich with color, even as the trees are releasing their leaves. What can you learn from the leaves about letting go of what you don’t need anymore? What can you learn about making room for new growth?

Sometimes it almost looks like golden or crimson snow swirling through the air as the leaves float down on the air. They let themselves be carried. They let themselves get grounded. You can let your breath carry you, and you can let it ground you too.

Update Your Energy with the Sun

Rise in the morning and turn to the sun. Let it warm you and melt the cold from your bones. Let the sun inform your energy centers. Remember, we are 99.9999% energy. Let the energy from the sun update your energy body. Then give back gratitude for all that you’ve received.

This can be an active practice, a part of your daily ritual. See how it feels to open to the sun and its energy. See how it feels to receive and appreciate a daily download from the sun.

Tune into the sun and your breath. Notice the beauty of the world around you. Pay attention to what floats beneath you, what lifts you and helps you to rise, and what you let go. Pay attention to the ways you can restore and care for your energy.

And be on the lookout for a chakra class to help you do just that. Easily and effortlessly restore, and care for your energy being.

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