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What Do Sacred Sunday and Puppy Dog Love Have in Common?

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

What if someone received you every day with love? Ebullient, overflowing with enthusiasm and joy, Love. Today, I invite you to welcome yourself with love, receive yourself with love. What does that look like? How do you do it?

Come take a walk with me in the field of love: Sacred Sunday Meditation: Inviting Love In.

Invite Puppy Dog Love In

Picture a puppy greeting somebody, somebody they love. Imagine the energy, the zooming about and the full body tail wag. Imagine getting that greeting each day.

When you make eye contact with a happy loving dog, you receive that puppy love. You get a flood of oxytocin, the love and connection hormone. Any place where you connect in love allows your body to be flooded with that healing hormone.

Now close your eyes and picture yourself standing in front of yourself, facing yourself. Bring up that happy energy. Bring up that joy and delight. Greet yourself like a puppy greets their person. Greet yourself the way the birds greet the day break.

Greet yourself with joy. Let yourself be received full of joy and connection.

Connection to Yourself, Connect to the Earth

The longer I live on the planet, the more I know that the less I know of what's going on

anywhere but inside my body. If I want to know what's going on in the world, I tune in to me, my body, by breath.

Take time, make space to connect with yourself, check in with yourself, see what is happening in your body.

And then ground yourself to the earth. It is so important that we connect to the earth and remember that we're here as guardians of the earth, stewards of life. Breathe up energy from the earth. Here in the northern hemisphere, we’re feeling the rising energy of spring. Draw that rising energy up through your body.

Draw that energy into your heart, and allow yourself to feel the shared ener gy. Give yourself to the embrace of Mother Earth. Exhale down into the earth so you both ground in that hug. Bring the heart energy from the earth up into your body.

Then come back to that image of you standing in front of yourself. Invite yourself to come towards you with a big hug. Let that happy puppy dog run to you, tail wagging. Hug that wriggling ball of joy. Take in and receive the joy and the love.

Make More Room for the Sacred

Sacred Sunday is a place to receive yourself with joy, to the practice to center in your being. It’s a time to set a way of letting the sun rise for your week and to bring in the sacred and connection.

Deepening this practice by joining me for Sacred Circle on Thursdays. In April and May we're focusing on clearing the chakras.

Experience love, and joy, and peace more easily, by coming to practice. Because Practice makes Progress. Give yourself an hour and fifteen minutes each week to really tune in and balance and clear your chakras.

You can do that here: Sacred Circle.

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