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What Bubbles Up from the Depths When You Slow Down Like the Stones?

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Last week I was with the big rocks at Enchanted Rock (in Texas), and I was drawn to go from there to the rocky shore of Marblehead this week. Sunday morning I woke to gale force winds. I wasn’t sure how my computer would fare with the wind and salt spray, so I chose calm in the storm. I settled in by the fire with some of my collection of rocks for our Sacred Sunday.

You can go through this grounding practice here: Sacred Sunday Meditation: Rock and Roll.

This is an invitation to slow down like the rocks, to extricate yourself from busyness, and to ground yourself to the minerals of the earth.

When you slow down and go within, what bubbles up from the depths of you?

So much of this practice is an invitation to slow down and go within. One way to slow down is to connect with your breath.

Pay attention to your heart as you inhale and exhale. Try inhaling forgiveness and exhaling resentment. Resentment is like drinking poison and hoping the other person will die. Let that go.

Focus on your breath. If you’d like to do that with guidance, there is a library of other Sacred Sunday meditations. In each of these guided practices we focus on breath and go within. Each is different, with a different theme, feel, or focus. See what speaks to you now. Use the divine lottery to click on the perfect guidance.

Give yourself permission to slow down. And if you need someone else to give you permission to slow down: Permission GRANTED. Slowing down helps us create room for shifts in vibration. It helps us notice what is actually bubbling up from our own depths.

Anniversaries and Acting on What’s Bubbling Up from Your Depths

One thing you may be noticing bubbling up are things from two years ago. You may notice things that were postponed or delayed. You may find yourself remembering a project close to heart bubbling back to the surface.

Next week we mark the Equinox along with two years of Sacred Sundays. We are also in the space of anniversary marking closures and lockdowns that happened two years ago. We hold those memories in our bodies. We ask, “Where were you when …?” and we know the answer viscerally. Anniversary effects. It's a thing.

So as we approach this marking point and sluggish, stalled things bubble up, it’s time to open to new possibilities. It’s time to review those goals, to renew those projects. It’s time to move them forward. Tune to the highest frequency that is available.

Believe in yourself. You are capable of more than you know, so allow yourself to believe in yourself. Take the dare when people tell you you can’t do something. When you fall down stand up again. Face your heart forward. Face your heart toward your dreams. This is your life.

You can give yourself time to slow down like the rocks and go within each week. You can come together in sacred time and space to see what bubbles up from your depths. If this calls you, join me and our community in Sacred Circle. (Through April & May 2022 we will be working through each chakra one at a time).

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