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Welcome Eagle, Honor Ancestors, Face the Four Directions ~ a meditation

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Breath is so important to our meditation. On a day when the wind was howling at the beach, I started mediation by finding the wind of our breath. Long and slow. Long and slow. We connected to the wisdom of our breath.

What happens when you find your center with your breath? Do days stretch long out in front of you? Do months or weeks or years stretch out and then you come back into the breath? One breath at a time is all we have. One sacred breath.

Do you ever kneel in prayer and celebration and surrender? I invite you to kneel down on the earth. Feel the wetness coming to your knees. Celebrate, surrender. Find what’s possible.

When you breathe in, what is your focus? When you breathe out does it expand your horizon? Feel the energy come in and rise up the front of your body as you inhale. Enjoy the sound waves of breath as the energy goes down the back of your body with your exhale.

Welcome the energy as we open and invite in the breath and tune to Eagle.

This meditation opens on All Hallows Eve and the Day of the Dead. We welcome our ancestors and eagle. We turn to the four directions.

Welcome your ancestors. Invite your ancestors to come and be with you for this practice. Invite them to come on the winds of change, on the wings of possibility. Feel your ancestors come around you. Your parents, grandparents, loved ones, friends. Invite them to be with you for this practice.

Welcome eagle. Some traditions begin the first trip around the wisdom wheel with the east and setting this vision of eagle or condor spreading your wings.

To pray you open your whole self

To sky, to earth, to sun, to moon

To one whole voice that is you.

With joy and gratitude, I share Joy Harjo’s Eagle Poem. Receive the gift and the prayer of the eagle today.

Walk the four directions. Inhale from the East that place of the visionary and exhale the East wind, great wind. Feel that energy. Feel that beautiful wind and inhale from your center

Exhale and turn one quarter turn to right toward the sSouth. Shed anything that needs shedding. Shed a story, an old attachment. Let the wind and the surf take it with ease and grace and beauty

Inhale again and turn another quarter turn to the right toward the west literally or energetically and feel that energy of shifting, shifting to the waves going over the rainbow bridge moving beyond all that keeps you from life the death or that stops you or the lifelessness that keeps you. Feel that rhythm and find your truth and impeccability. Take one more breath of the West, the westerly wind, the surf, the waves. Breathe it again and feel that energy.

As you exhale and take one quarter turn to the right toward the North. This is the place of our ancestors of the lineage, of our truth, of the sweetness and the nectar. Feel that energy rising and feel the sweetness of hummingbird energy, sweet ,tiny hummingbirds who soar with us. Let the blue sky remind you of all the beauty on the horizon

Then breathe into center as we've come around the four directions. Feel that energy around you—big wings of vision, belly to belly with the earth in the South where we shed with the grace and ease, and then the West where we go over that rainbow bridge and live and die in a true circle of motion, and then one more turn again around to the North sweetness and nectar and waves and wind—finding the sweetness in this moment, in this here and now.

What has shifted for you in this practice today?

What do you notice?

What gift have you received?

I do love to hear from you!

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