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Stuck in Survival Mode? Let's Get You into Creation Mode’s hard to see the possibility when you are stuck in survival mode. If you can dream it, you can become it. Sometimes, though, getting stuck in survival closes us off to dreams. We can't think greater than we feel; if we feel stuck, trapped, struggling to survive, we can't create. There is not creating from fear.

Let’s reopen our hearts. Let’s reopen our horizons. Where you put your attention is where you put your energy, so, let's bring your attention to the world you want to see.

Back to Basics to Get Into Creation Mode

When we are in survival mode, oftentimes we strip away the nourishment. We do only what we have to do. The funny thing is sometimes we strip away the things that sustain us. We might not eat at all, or we go too heavy on sugar and caffeine. We might be stuck inside when we know being out in nature makes us happy.

Let’s check in with three of the basics to help make sure our survival needs are met and help us open to creating and love.

  1. Breath. Without breath, we don’t have life. We start there. Beyond that, our breath has the power to calm us, energize us, open us, cleanse us. Has your breath shallow? are you only breathing into your upper chest? Practice filling the lungs down to your belly and releasing old air, old ideas, old habits with each exhale.

  2. Sleep. Everything is harder when you haven’t slept. Physically, emotionally, and energetically, we need rest and sleep to recharge. Survival mode often comes with stress, which can make sleep challenging. Breathe in and out of your heart, use calming breathwork or guided meditation before bed to help with sleep.

  3. Water. We are mostly energy, and much of our physical body is water. I start my day with hot water and keep taking in clean, clear water throughout the day. Bring water into your body. You can also connect to the water in your body. You can let your breath be a guide through the waters of your body. How we feel is reflect din the crystal structures of the water around us ... bring love and gratitude to the water you drink an the water you are.

Have you given attention to any/all of these areas? Pick one. Observe. Enjoy.

Get Into Connection, move into Creation Mode

Connection, to our hearts, to our center, to source, sometimes gets left off the list of basics even though we need connection and touch for our mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Of course, you can connect in many ways—calling a friend, meeting with people in your community, dinner with your family.

You can also join in community — in person or online — in sacred space. Our Sacred Sunday practice brings us together to practice. There is a connection even if it is not physical. In this Sacred Sunday meditation, we cover breath, sleep, water, connection, and touch.

You’ll also find connection to others and your own intuition in Sacred Circle. We make time each week for the sacred, to lean into creation energy, inner peace and joy and tapping into possibilities in this shamanic circle.

Clear Your Chakras for Creation Mode

What else is keeping you from being in creation mode? Have you checked in with your chakras lately? Keeping them clear and balanced helps you stay out of survival mode and open to new paths. You can do a scan of your chakras with this clearing meditation to let your rainbow body shine. Then go deeper into chakra clearing and balancing, including a focus on each chakra.

Once you’ve opened your horizon beyond the small box of survival, what is your wish or desire? Open to possibility. Open to your desires. Open to creating the world you want.

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