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Now Is an Amazing Time to Release and Open to Possibilities

Ah, September! The beauty, the abundance! The new beginnings, the fresh start, and the possibilities!

It’s the month of back to school. It’s a new year, a new season, and you get to choose what that looks like. What do you want front and center on your desk this season? What do you want front and center in your life?

Shaman know that when you change the way you look at the world, the world you look at changes. We are the creators of our own life experiences. That means you get to decide what you center, where your vibration is, how you choose to show up. Decide is a keyword for this month. The Power Path theme for September is crisis, and while that may have negative connotations for you, crisis comes from to decide to make choices.

Think of this as a decision month. A release month. A possibilities month.

Release Old Patterns

As we come into this space of possibilities and decisions and newness, it’s a good time to release old patterns to get present in the now. Old habits keep your light from flowing freely, so release them to unbind your light.

Scan your body. Where do you feel tension or holding? Where do you feel old habits or experiences that your body needs to release? Drop into the part of you that created that pattern. Breathe into that space and release: I release the pattern in me that created this separation or condition or experience.

The shamanic path is the path of fire or transformation. We give to the fire what we want to release. What are you ready to release? What are you ready to shed?

Imagine brushing a weight off your shoulders or putting down a heavy backpack. Or think of it as shedding an old skin like a snake, like serpent. You can physically reach up and grab hold of that skin, the past, pulling your old skin down to the earth. Let it go and let your light flow.

This Sacred Sunday meditation is all about releasing and opening to the possibilities of this season.

Open to Possibilities and the Sacred

So much is possible when we aren’t bound by old habits or patterns. So much is possible if we open to the abundance around us. So much is possible if we are ready to receive. Gratitude is the ultimate state of receivership, so I encourage you to take a moment, right now, to give gratitude. Make it part of your day every day.

And make space for the sacred. In our busy world and busy lives, we can let the sacred get squeezed out. What if you made every week sacred?

Join me for Sacred Circle. This weekly virtual gathering is a way to deepen your practice. Come into the magical and mystical every week. We meet at lunch time … make your Thursday lunch sacred: feed your soul.

In the month of September, I’m taking Circle on a journey around the wheel, shedding the past, opening to possibility, embracing peace, manifesting your vision. Are you ready?

In our sacred space, you can set a vision for who you are becoming. Drink the nectar of life. Expand your vision like the eagle, soaring above it all, remembering that you are made of love.

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