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New Moon Wishes (stop comparing :)

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

I am so excited to be setting intentions for this New Moon (tomorrow) and this new year — it is amazing to lean into this wide open space of 2021. It is easier for me to say this today as I am enjoying a new horizon writing in the car (while my son drives;). For me, changing my literal view literally changes my view in all ways. Have you changed your horizon recently? What’s there on the horizon? And if you look in a direction other than that which is your habitual view, what do you see/feel/hear?

Shamanic work and vision are all about changing our perception/perspective and in so doing, changing our life. This time of moving out of 2020 and into 2021 is a paradigm shift, as we see reflected in the whole world. We are letting go of the old, solid (patriarchal) rigid structures and moving to more flexible, fluid (feminine) structures.

Some people LOVE to surf these waves of possibility and rhythms, embracing possibilities and allowing the new to come in. Others find an unstructured world, a blank page or an open canvas, to be anxiety-producing or destabilizing. More than ever before, inner strength and personal grounding are essential to maintaining your center so that you can ride the waves and tap into the creativity that is flowing in abundance right now.

Every 28 days, set aside some time for New Moon Intention setting. The Power Path Moon Update tells me (at the time of this writing) that this New Moon is all about SUPPORT and “building a new container where your support is coming from within.” What are you doing each day to ensure that you feel supported? If I have learned anything during these last ten months (or ten years), it’s that when we ask… we shall receive…HELP. Are you asking for the help you need? From the inside too?

As I mentioned in my last week’s SacredCenter Start-up email, you can leave some space in starting anew, allow yourself space to consider what wants to come forward now. This week, connect to the energy of the New Moon and invite the intention for support and new possibilities into your life. Ask:

  • What are your intentions?

  • How would you like to feel in this new time? How would you like to show up this year?

  • What kind of support do you intend to include in creating/promoting/allowing inner stability and creativity?

  • Where/when have you scheduled a space for exploration of your intuition and deep listening to your heart?

As this is a new time in 2021, it requires a shift in your trust and your sense of inner self-esteem. Focus on your inner strength, your intuition, your abilities, your talents, your new ideas and inspiration. The New Moon is a perfect time to plant a seed for something new and then to trust that the seed of your intention will take root. (Check out last week’s meditation if you want support with this start-up and creativity: )

This week, as I personally stepped into starting anew, and setting intentions, I was the (surprise) recipient of a “card” pulled for me in support of this season (YES! Support comes when we ask for it — remember: ask, and you shall receive…. Help:). The card — a gift from a friend/colleague and for sure from spirit, spoke directly to me and to a place I still visit more than I’d like to admit. Here is the card:

Stop Comparing - Apples don’t compare themselves to oranges. Stars don’t compare with other stars. They know there’s room for all to shine in this ever expanding universe. So embrace your differences celebrate your quirks and kinks bring your fullest expression of self forward and champion others when they do the same.

As you lean in to the energy of the New Moon tomorrow, breathe in and out of your heart. Ask your HEART what s/he is longing for in terms of support from the inside out. Ask without comparing, or looking to see what your neighbor is doing, or your even asking your best friend. Shine your own light… and let your heart whisper to your inner being.

I am here for you. I love exploring the depths and heights of your possibility. I see you and your light. Shine on.

PS - If you would like to practice listening to your inner being - to connect to the part of you that knows how to create and shine your light — or simply have a weekly retreatJoin me in Thursday Circle on Zoom. (or Subscribe for four weeks, and save :), a circle that supports you in connecting and experiencing that feeling of knowing, and being held in the sacred magic.

PPS — I am LIVE Sunday Mornings at 8:00 EST offering a guided practice to connect to Love, center, open to possibility. Morning practice is a way to set you up from moving from your Center, a note to your weekly Being. Check out the New Moon practice in support of this email here.

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