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Dealing with Discomfort — What If Heartache Is Under All Our Pain?

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

How does your body feel right now? Are there places that are tight, tender, in pain? Are there places of discomfort, physical or otherwise? Are there places you are clamping down?

What if beneath most pain, what if beneath all of that is heartache?

We try to pull ourselves out of a bad mood. We try to buy our way out of discomfort. We want to think our way around things, when really we need to feel our way through them. We need to connect to our hearts and be in whatever we are in. Each Sunday, I create space for us to come together for a Sacred Sunday meditation where we can connect our heart to our wisdom through a guided practice.

Shamanic healing helps us move into our heart, and live our live a heart-centered life. This week’s Sacred Sunday Meditation: Healing Hurt and Discomfort focuses on the idea of discomfort and healing hurt, by opening with compassion to it.

I invite you to answer the call to feel. Our ego wants to solve problems, to solve emotional facts. We don’t want to feel pain, especially when we can't quite point to the specific source of the pain. It’s a very human response. We don’t know what to do when there’s nothing to show or stitch up. In these cases, we can feel.

Healing happens when you give a wound air. Healing happens when you stop rubbing salt in the wound.

Picture a mama kissing a boo-boo. Picture a papa hugging a little one close saying, “I got you.” How does that feel to have a hurt acknowledged, cared for? You can do this for yourself. You can say, “Ouch that hurt.” Kiss your boo-boo. Give it some love.

Let a discomfort rise in you, let it bubble up from the depths, in the safety of your breath. Breathe slowly. Move through the discomfort. Not around it. Breathe, feel, move through it. Heal the discomfort. Bring love to it rather than trying to understand it, make sense of it, solve it. Bring love even into your mind.

Trust your heart has the wisdom and the healing and strength to process any discomfort and to let it go.

You can trust your heart. Guided practices and being in community with others can and will help you connect to your heart wisdom. You can join me live each Sunday morning at about 8 AM ET.

If you crave more sacred time, I would love to have you join Sacred Circle to be held and supported in healing in each gathering. Everyone needs to access their quiet and calm center, even in times of crisis. This weekly gift of self-nourishment is your opportunity to focus, unplug, and access magic.

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