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New Moon Intentions? Goodbye, Good or Bad. Hello, Oneness!

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

We are in the space of the Aquarius new moon. There is much potential alive today. Have you set an intention in the echo of the Aquarian new moon?

We’ve just come through a pattern of rising waves, pushing us to our center. Think about waves rising and falling, pushing forward. Have you felt the motion, the movement? Do you sense yourself having arrived or moving closer to your center? Get still and notice how you sense and respond to the waves that are rolling all around us these days. What do you experience, when you are quiet and tune: body, mind, soul, energetics??

Are you ready to root into the rhythm of the earth and let that one rhythm rise up to your heart? Are you ready to ground and ride your inner light line? It’s time.

Find the Rhythm of Oneness

We're all one. Ultimately, we all have one frequency, one vibration. Let that oneness guide you. Set your new moon intentions from that space of oneness.

The heartbeat of the earth is the rhythm of oneness. Can you feel it? Can you breathe into that rhythm, settle into it? Can you ride that singular rhythm? Can you settle into and feel yourself part of the rhythm of one connection? You’re already part of it. Let yourself deepen into it.

This guided practice is a short meditation that guides you into oneness using your own breath and the rhythm of the earth and collective practice.

Set Your New Moon Intention from the Rhythm of Oneness

Let that rhythm of oneness rock you and hold you as you set your intention for this new moon. So often we think of two sides: right or wrong, good or bad. What happens if you release that dichotomy? Try thinking of it all as one as you merge into your own center.

Move from left or right, left and right, to center.

Remember we are all one.

We are one with the earth.

One with each other.

From the place of deep connection to the Oneness, set your intention. Set an intention with a high frequency: love, peace, healing, grace.

Often our intentions are for "something to happen:" something for you, for your family, for work, wealth, and you can set any intention from the space of Oneness. Let go of the idea that it’s good if it happens, bad if it doesn’t. Step into the stream of Oneness and be clear on what you want. And then release that intention to the field and open to receive what is gifted to you in response..

When we set intentions and act from a place of oneness, we will co-create such beauty.

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