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Need an Energetic Declutter? 3 Steps You Can Take Today

Can you feel the new year energy? Full moon energy? It’s time to release and declutter.

Are you clearing space in your home? Getting rid of things from your closets and shelves? Are you clearing space in your body after too many sweets or too much cheese over the holidays? Have you thought about an energetic declutter?

We are less than 1% matter. We are mostly energy, vast as an ocean, and that energy can get stuck, stale, and stagnant. Where have you tucked things away in your thoughts, your emotions, your energy?

What are you hauling around from last year (or longer) that would feel good to let go? If you have old goals or intentions from last year that were not realized, release them. Make space for your new intentions.

3 Ways to Declutter Energetically

Let’s open channels for energy to flow and build your toolbox to keep your energy body decluttered regularly

1. Breath Like the Wind

Hurricanes churn things up and open up things not seen. What do you need to churn up within you? You might not even know. That’s okay. Let your breath work like the wind to reveal and release.

Take deep, full breaths in. Let your exhale be powerful. Let whatever you need to release go out with the breath. Repeat two more times. What’s changed?

2. Let the Waves Wash It Away

I grew up near the ocean and still spend lots of time there. The water washes in and out, moving things around, rolling things over and over, bringing new in and washing old out. Invite and let the energy of the water help you clear your energy.

Let your breath be like the waves, washing in and out. You can even use ujjayi breath for the sound of the wave in your body. With each inhale draw love and gratitude in. With each exhale, let the tide of your breath release whatever you need to let go of.

You can hear the sound of the water on the rocky beach and be guided in this practice in this energetic decluttering guided meditation.

3. Clear Out Those Chakras

Another way to declutter your energy is to clear your chakras. This allows you clear old imprints, clear your field, and clear obstacles to love. You can clear your chakras anytime.

Try this brief, simple chakra clearing for a taste of what it can do for your energetic body.

Continue to go deeper into chakra clearing, focusing on clearing and balancing each of your chakras. I recommend doing this at least once a season. Now would be a wonderful time to open and rebalance your chakras and learn how to do it again and again. Check out the Chakra Healing & Balancing Course. Make a new map. Write a new story for the new year.

Decluttering your energy may require you to declutter your calendar to make space for the sacred. What happens when you make time weekly for guided meditation on Sacred Sunday? During that practice, I always ask: What’s shifted? Things move, loosen, and open during meditation and breathwork. Practice prepares you for the ups and downs, the waves and the winds, the storms of life.

What happens when you make time for a shamanic circle when you join in community with others? Energetic clearing. An increase in joy, gratitude, and calm. A deeper, more open connection to your intuition.

What will you commit to this month or this season?

Get inspired by what’s possible. Then take steps, baby steps or big bounding steps, to clear your energy so that possibility can flow.

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