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Invite Magic Back Into Your Life—Reawaken Your Heart

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

This month is about allowing magic to come into our lives.

  • How do we do that?

  • How do we open to magic, invite it in?

  • How do we remove whatever is blocking magic in our lives?

You can welcome magic by reawakening your heart and through the discipline of your practice, simply showing up for yourself. If you are seeking a partner in discipline - subscribe to SacredSunday.

Let’s start to wake up that heart. Magic is the magic of life what we would call the high vibrations or the good vibrations. So love, synchronicity, connection, things manifesting seemingly effortlessly, and a feeling of lightness in your being or flow in your life.

Awaken your Heart and allow magic. Ease, peace, Joy, Wellness.

Some of us have shut down a little bit over the past two years. I’m excited to be hosting gatherings this year. I did three live events last year, and they were beautiful and wonderful, safe and healthy, and so very nourishing. And so many gatherings haven’t happened, so many connections have closed down. We are still impacted by the shock and awe of the shutdown of 2020. I feel it in my body. Do you feel it in yours?

As we go out again, we need to find the place of leading with our hearts.

To do that we need to notice the pain, the loss, the grief, the fear. We need to notice the places in us that want a hug. We need to bring love into our hearts, and one of the best ways to do that is with our breath.

Here’s a four-part breath to open your heart. Exhale before you begin. Then:

  1. Inhale through your heart, like a wave coming in.

  2. Suspend the breath for a count of four, then exhale, like the tide going out of your heart for a count of four.

  3. Then hold the breath out for a count of four.

  4. Then inhale, the wave of love coming in. At the top of the inhale, suspend the breath and feel the waves around your heart. Waves of LOVE.

Repeat this in and out, like waves. When you hold your breath out, share your love and be open to people coming to help you. Awaken your heart and remember that you’re not alone. You have support. Inhale again. Receive the support.

These waves of breathing connect us to the ocean and to the water tiger and her wisdom. Let your breath in and out like the waves allow the water of your body to tune into the waters of the earth. Use your ujjayi breath, that ocean-y breath, as another connecting point. Connect to the rhythm and the waves of your breath. Feel that water coming in and going out, like waves at the beach. Bring waves of love in as you allow your heart to be lovingly reawakened.

Kabir reminds us: Darkness disappears when we light the candle of our heart. This breath practice, the lighting of your heart can drive out the darkness.

Are you ready to drive out the darkness? To connect to magic of Love by connecting to your heart? Let’s remove the things that are in the way of you being connected to the divine. Let’s see how this practice feels: Sacred Sunday Meditation: Reawaken Your Heart Meditation. Join me in practice. Practice makes progress.

Allow your heart to be lovingly reawakened this month!

Join the RETREAT - LIVE LOVE - with your MESA -- March 17-20.

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