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How to Walk into Your Future with Love

Try this in the morning:

  • Place your hands on your heart. Breathe there.

  • Listen to your heart. Feel the energy waking you up.

  • Feel the breath consciously, bringing the light of the new day into your whole being.

The future is unfolding in front of you. Do you bring the past in front of you? or do you allow the rising sun, the new beginning of each day (the future) to inform you?

Begin each day with an intention. Begin your practice with love and clear intention.

My intention in sharing Sacred Sunday meditation practice is helping people to remember and to practice connecting to their heart and to love.

So let’s connect:

Breathe in through your nose. Breathe out through your mouth. When we exhale through our mouth it allows our parasympathetic nervous system to come online. That helps to organize our autonomic nervous system. When our nervous system is organized and relaxed, we can create from our heart.

Bring the energy of love, appreciation, and gratitude to your heart. Breathe in there. Fill your heart with that energy. Connect to your beautiful heart, and then bring the light of the sun into

your heart. Turn on your heart light.

Then drop your attention down to your feet or your seat. Connect your being to the earth. Allow all the creation energy that rises from the earth into your being. Drop roots, and from those roots let the creative energy of the earth and the feminine rise into your body and your heart.

I walk you through this process and additional opening and connecting to your heart with this guided meditation.

Has Your Future Met You in the Now?

Where we put our attention is where we put our energy. And where we put our energy determines how and what we create in the world.

Fill the body with frequencies of gratitude and love and joy. Let yourself become so still on the outside that the energy can flow deeply and easily and gracefully. Imagine a river, still on the surface, and running deep below. Let your energy flow like that river.

Continue to breathe into your heart. Continue to lean into your intention.

What happens when you set an intention and turn your heart energy to it?

Have you realized your intentions?

Has the future met you in the now?

Walk into your future with gratitude and love; allow yourself to be surprised by what shows up.

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