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How to Nourish the Divine Spark in Your Heart Through Earth Chakras

What's happening with the Divine spark in your heart?

Sometimes it may feel like it’s gone out. I assure you it’s there. It may be hidden in a dim corner or buried beneath a pile of regrets. Even if it seems like there is no spark, no light, look again. The spark of Divine Essence is there illuminating your next step.

To find your Divine spark and nourish it, bring your attention to your heart.

I often encourage people in meditation to bring their attention to the heart. I say, “Breathe in through your heart, and breathe out through your heart.” If you’ve meditated with me, or practiced HeartMath or heart-focused breathing, you have experienced "dropping into your heart".

If you are new to the practice, here is what the mechanics of breathing through your heart looks like:

  • Keep your attention on your heart center. Often it helps to place your hand there as a physical focus of attention.

  • Breathe in through your nose

  • Breathe out through your mouth. Exhaling through your mouth (air moving across lips) helps engage the parasympathetic nervous system (we relax more easily).

Breathe in through your heart and out through your heart. Find the point of radiance in your heart. Find the Divine spark. Breathe into it. Let your breath fan the flames of that Divine spark and create more of your unique radiant light.

From Earth Chakras to Heart Chakras

Now bring your attention to your belly. You can place one hand on the heart and one on the belly, feeling the connection between these parts of your body, and the way the energy flows from one to the other.

Let your belly get soft. Your belly is the center of the physical body and the region of your Earth chakra or lower chakras. Do you feel connected to the earth? Are you rooted and grounded? As the growing, creating energy rises from the earth, so the creative energy, the energy of creating new life, rises within you.

What are you giving birth to? What are you tending in the garden and harvesting in your life? What are you creating? How are you sharing your light? That creation is coming from your Earth chakras, if they are clear.

Can you feel the truth of who you are bubbling up in your belly? When your belly and your Earth chakras are clear and balanced, you will feel the truth of who you are bubble right up into your heart.


This week I explored gratitude, ease, and your radiant light as part of my weekly practice: Sacred Sunday. I invite you to join this practice live every Sunday morning. Together we weave a beautiful fabric together.

We are peaceful and grateful

as we move in our creativity

We come from this place of deep


with peace, we sprinkle in some joy

We are reconnected

We are united in a family of choice

of love

of being together in the frequency of


Come be together with us Sacred Sunday's guided meditation.!

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