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How to Find Inner Peace and Joy in a Season of Outward Joy

It is the season of joy for many, or it’s supposed to be. Do you feel the joy of the holidays? Delight in fresh snow? Find peace in the darkness, soon to turn back to light? Even if you struggle to find joy in this season, you can find inner peace and joy. When you know how to find joy, connection, ease, you can find it anytime. And practice makes progress.

My desire with all my offerings is to support you creating inner peace, joy and wellness in your life. I bring shamanic healing, meditation, breath, sound, and other tools of practice to help you access your inner peace and wellness and to help you remember that we can tap into this anytime, any where..

Find Inner Peace and Joy—Listen to Your Gut & Clear Your Chakras

Clear away anything that feels other than love or gratitude, appreciation or peace, or ease. Brush it away like you brush away a light snow. Clear your belly to receive love. Let the wisdom of your gut rise up and nourish you.

What is the wisdom that wants to rise up today? Listen to your intuition. Open to your creative energy (in the 2nd chakra/energy center), your energy of purpose (in the 3rd chakra/energy center). Find the energetic joining with gratitude in your heart, and move love down into your lower centers. When you bring gratitude and openness and balance to your lower chakras, you can move out of survival and create from a space of love and beauty.

Clearing and balancing chakras is simple and profound. If you are brand new to chakras this is a great introduction. If you’ve been tuned in to and working with your chakras for a long time, this will support your continued learning and going deeper. My Chakra Masterclass Series will take you through each of your energy centers. You can travel through all nine in order or visit any place where you may feel stuck or congested. Give yourself the seasonal gift of preparing energetically so that you can meet the demands of the season with greater ease and joy.

Find Inner Peace and Joy—See Beauty and Light

It is a dark time of year here in the Northern Hemisphere. We light candles and decorate with lights. There are so many celebrations of light. Do you see the light and beauty even in this time of darkness?

Seek beauty and light. Can you find beauty today in a blue sky or snowflakes drifting or the green moss on a tree? Can you find light in the sun or the smile of a friend? What can you find if you open yourself to beauty and light, peace and joy?

I invite you to be nourished by the magnificence of your own radiant light. You are enough. You are strong and powerful. The beauty and light you see in others is a mirror of what is in yourself.

Find Inner Peace and Joy—Lessons from Animal Friends

Have you ever seen a dog zooming to their person, the leaping, the wagging, the joy? When you make eye contact with a happy loving dog, you receive puppy love and a burst of oxytocin. Do you have a companion animal? A dog, cat, turtle, bird … picture them. Picture an animal companion with you now or in the past or in a dream. Offer gratitude for their love. Gratitude is the ultimate state of receiving, so offer thanks to those companions. We offered gratitude for soul connection in this Sacred Sunday meditation.

When I watch my puppy, I see so much joy. Joy in belly rubs, walks, greeting other dogs, flopping on a pillow by the wood stove, chasing a ball, cavorting in the snow. So much joy. What brings you joy? When is the last time you asked for what gives you joy? When is the last time you gave in to what brings you joy?

One of my favorite poets Mary Oliver says, “If you suddenly and unexpectedly feel joy, don’t hesitate. Give in to it.” Take a lesson from our animal friends, and pounce on joy.

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