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How Clear Boundaries Offer Us Immense Freedom

Let’s experience water energy today. The depths of a pond. The flow of a river.

Let’s go deep and get into flow.

Imagine a pond … see it, feel it in your mind's eye. The thing about water: it doesn’t have a shape. It flows where it can. Without the beautiful shore line, a pond or river would not exist. Ponds and rivers need boundaries. You do too.

Boundaries are containment. There is much freedom in the boundaries; freedom through containment.

Make Your Field Smaller to Expand

Do you have boundaries? Or do you know where your boundaries are? Do you have boundaries or edges? If you expand your breath or your energy to the edges of your field, how far does it go? Sometimes when we are very empathetic, we become porous. Our field expands and reaches and we don't have edges; we let in all the information that surrounds us. We expand so much, thinking we are protecting ourselves be becoming aware of all that is in our surroundings. In reality, we are dispersing and diffusing our energy.

When we set boundaries not based in love, not fear, we narrow our field. When you set clear boundaries, you define yourself and your perimeter. You know that what crosses the boundary comes with permission. Freedom through containment.

So try this: Make your field narrower, a little closer in. Feel the boundaries.

Breathe in through your crown and down to your heart. Feel the energy move with your breath. Does the energy move more consistently now that you created a clear and firm boundary? Try it again.

How does it feel to set clear boundaries? Can you find the freedom within them?

Clear Your Shores

Imagine your boundaries as shores along the river of your life. Imagine you are walking along the shore. Is it pristine and uncluttered? Probably not.

You may be finding trash and/or a little junk inadvertently left behind. Maybe you left it there. Maybe someone else left it, in either case, you clear the clutter from your shores -- set clear your boundaries. Take along a trash bag and collect that trash and the clutter. Haul it away.

Clear the shores and let your river and your energy flow.

You can keep things flowing with meditation. It’s a wonderful way to clear the mind, open up channels for your energy, and define your boundaries. These guided meditations will support you along your journey.

And if you want to find more freedom in your boundaries, if you want to open more to possibility, join me on Thursdays for Sacred Circle. Journey with us for an hour and 15 minutes to slow down, explore the realms of magic, and heal. Lunch and learn, lunch and laugh, shamanic journeys to love and freedom at noon EST the first four Thursdays.

And let me know how your boundaries are serving you -- and how the meditation supports you in clearing your boundaries.

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