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How Can You Soar and Stay Present? Eagle Meditation Helps You Shift Perspective

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

Does your mind wander when you try to meditate? You aren’t alone. Our attention tends to stray to what we need to do later or the thing we forgot to do. We are filled with ideas and questions and desires. Even in an intentional meditation our energy often strays because we are attracted to and distracted by the future. We are out of practice at keeping ourselves focused on the now, the present. We are distracted by what we want and who we want to be; we are distracted by the destination.

What about having it right now? Can you recast your intention?

I intend joy.

I intend peace.

I intend gratitude, love, healing …

I am living already in a healthy, wealthy, beautiful, abundant body.

What if your intention is present tense? Start to live your life from these places of knowing you are joyful, peaceful, abundant, healthy radiant.

Bring Your Attention to Your Heart Again and Again

You may have done meditations connected to your breath. Here, I ask you to bring your attention to your heart. We will follow the breath, moving the inhale and exhale in ways that help soothe your nervous system and bring your parasympathetic nervous system online. Exhaling through your mouth supports the reset of your fight/flight.

Deepening our heart connection, and heart/mind coherence also moves us into our parasympathetic nervous system. Bring your attention to your heart and breath. Breathe in and out of your heart. Notice where your energy goes. If your attention were a dog, what squirrels would it chase? Call your attention back to your heart, the way you’d call that dog back, firmly and lovingly. Again and again, bring your attention back to your heart.

Find your “I am.” Find your attention. Turn your attention to your heart. Where your attention goes, is where your energy goes. Center your energy in your heart. Center on the present moment.

Switch Your Perspective with Eagle

Step out the door of your heart into the field of the quantum, the energy realm, the extension of the energy of your own body. Connect with Eagle energy - open the wings of your heart.

Let your creativity and imagination be strong. Let your arms move as wings as you inhale and exhale. Allow yourself to soar effortlessly as you are lifted on the warm thermals of the earth's exhale. Soar over Pachamama, Mother Earth. See the ocean, the mountains and riverbeds.

Shift your perspective as you rise higher. What do you notice? What creeps onto the horizon? Even as you shift perspective, stay in the moment. Breathe into the moment, the here and now.

Come down lightly, easily, gently to the field where we started.

What’s changes when you shift your perspective? and braaden your horizon.

I'd love to hear from you- in the comments or in a direct message.

We can change our lives by changing our perspective in our life.

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