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Healing the Healer 2

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Shamanic Healing is one way of stepping into 2020 with the clarity of vision that is demanded of us in the “2020” decade -and with this in mind/body/heart in the last two weeks I stepped into focusing on feets and ankles (pardon the pun). The goal: clearing stuck energy so I can “step in with clarity and ease” to this new decade.

Feet, fantastic feet, we use them every day! Happy Birthday to my feet :) they helped to push me out into this world.

In the past, in this life, I have had wobbly ankles. I have cleared a pattern of twisting ankles, or “falling down,” and as my body has taken more steps with each turn around the sun, one of my ankles became “cracky” when I bent and flexed my foot. In the literal, I thought it was worth checking into clearing whatever was snap - crackle - popping in there - and since it takes months to get an appointment with my physical therapist, I went to do some energy work.

foot bone’s connected to the ankle bone, ankle bone’s connected to the leg bone, leg bone’s connected to the knee bone, knee bone connected to the thigh bone…. and so on and so on…. there were lots of connections made and explored, barriers to connections removed, curiosities about places where energy wasn’t moving. And as the reconnections were made, there were questions asked of me: did I allow myself to be integrated? to bring the wholeness of who I am forward…...

'Play with the idea of being Integrated and Whole (in my power) while showing up fully in relation” she suggested. FAT CHANCE! I said immediately…. and the words echoed through my body and my cells and my soul and my mind and my heart….. FAT CHANCE! (not an expression I hear coming out of my mouth or even in my inner dialog). Fat Chance! I heard the subliminal message I had been programming myself with FAT in order to be in my power and integrity. The echo of these words gave me a wave a compassion for myself and the longing to show up fully for me … to be radiant and whole and hearing these words that said to me HA! - fat Chance.

The first step in any healing is awareness. This was, for sure, a new awareness for me. Next step, after awareness, an inquiry about the pay-offs: what do I get out of this “belief” — (unconscious as it may be)? That Fat is what opens the Chance of being whole and integrated? And while I “hear” some of you who know me saying, I am not “fat,” I know the inner size and shape of me. And while I will not have the size or shape of my 20-year-old self (far from it, as today is literally my 54th birthday:), in that fat chance message I heard a voice that was protecting a vulnerability with fat. Such a blessing and an opportunity to bring Love to all this too. And with a shamanic lens, we change our perception and change our world. Connecting through Love, rather than chance and fat.

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